Vegan Food Spots in Salzburg
Vegan Food Spots in Salzburg

Collecting flavors, energizing yourself and killing no animals – all you need to know about vegan heaven in Europark called the naked indigo

Fast food always tastes the same, does rather take your energy than gives you energy and is always prepared with meat – am I right? Well, I don’t think so. The naked indigo, my go-to fast food place in Salzburg, does not serve meat, offers amazing flavors and energizes me for hours. 

When talking about vegan food spots in Salzburg, the naked indigo immediately comes to my mind. I have been to the restaurant many times before and almost call myself a regular. Especially the exceptional tastes and vegan food options impress me every time. Mainly serving bowls, curries and porridges, the food is easy going and worth every bite (and taste). 

Fast food location, but make it fancy 

Being located in the Europark in Salzburg the location of the restaurant is convenient and easy to reach for everyone. As my workplace is near the Europark I opted for the restaurant many times before already, just because of its convenient location. 

Talking about the ambience of the restaurant itself, there quite a lot to say. The naked indigo is decorated in a modern style, with lots of green accents and the namesake indigo blue. Despite the dark blue, the restaurant looks bright and inviting, thanks to many natural and wooden materials. You immediately notice that this is not your usual fast-food place. The most impressive piece in the restaurant is the huge round bar, where the vibrant looking ingredients for the bowls are displayed and your food is prepared. 

However, despite its nice-looking style and convenient location, it is still a restaurant placed in a busy shopping center. If you want to enjoy a vegan bowl in a quiet and calming ambience, this is not the place to go to. Due to its open layout, the shopping center noises are quite loud in the restaurant. After a long day at work, I often rather choose to order take away and enjoy my bowl back at my place in a calm environment. 

Fast food with a twist: delicious, fresh and vegan food

There is just so much good to say about the food at the naked indigo, it is hard to choose where to start. First thing first: no animals killed. Every dish is vegetarian or vegan. Being vegetarian/vegan for five years now, this is just heaven on earth. Having a full menu to choose from, without having to watch for things I don’t want to eat is just so easy and wonderful. 

My first time tasting a vegan the naked indigo bowl was just mind-blowing. It just tasted so different from everything else I tasted before. Everything is perfectly harmonized just so tasteful, without being too overwhelmingly seasoned. My favorite dish is the vegan coconut miso soup, served with rice. It is so energizing and (heart)warming. Moreover, the bowls with their amazing ingredients are just amazing. The curries with their meat alternatives are also a must-try for all vegans, vegetarians, non-vegans and non-vegetarians. Being honest, I never tried their porridges before, however I can imagine they are as good and fresh tasting as everything else on their menu. 

No fast food prices, but so worth it 

Talking about the prices, the naked indigo is rather pricier than your average fast food. However, regarding the quality, the freshness and the taste of the food, I think all dishes are very reasonable priced. 

My verdict for the vegan fast food 

You might already have noticed: I totally adore the naked indigo. I like the food, their mission and message behind the restaurant and the convenient place it is located in. The food is as tasty when you order in-house or take away. Being a totally vegan and vegetarian restaurant, they offer a broad variety of delicious and tasteful dishes. Next time when you are around Europark in Salzburg and fancy a quick but energizing meal, I highly recommend checking out the naked indigo. 

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