#stayathome – the stories in the corona crisis

The Tales of the Lockdown – An honest reflection…

#coronaboredom appreciation of extra time
Doing groceries in times of Corona
#AfterQuarantineIwill – make a picnic
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#StayHomeStayInAustria – Mountains are calling

#StayHomeStayInAustria – Mountains are calling. Time goes by, and after spring there will be definitely summer, autumn and winter. And no one knows if at …

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houseparty2 Corona Crisis

How to keep in touch with your friends during quarantine and escape the #coronaboredom

“Life imposes things on you that you can’t control, but you still have the choice of how you’re going to live through this.” – Celine …

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tales-of-the-lockdown-tease-new Corona Crisis

#stayathome – the stories in the corona crisis – trailer

The Tales of the Lockdown – Trailer The video is used only for educational purposes and is meant to be a part of the social …

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siblings Corona Crisis

Cornavirus & Siblings

Having siblings is weird… One minute you are arguing & the next you are laughing Once the news that Austria issued a statewide quarantine came …

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shopping-4000414-1920-1 General

#Shoppingonabudget – Want quality stuff but a bit tight on budget?

Who said that quality shopping has to be expensive and compromised by budget restraints? Not at all! All it takes is a little bit of …

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#coronaboredom appreciation of extra time

Are you sick of fitness advice and healthy food diaries? Guess what? Me too! Why should one be more productive in a global pandemic than …

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ginger-1191945-1280 Corona Crisis

#stayathome – the stories in the corona crisis – part II

The Tales of the Lockdown – The Kitchen Corner As already mentioned in the first part of the blog, I’ve been cooking a lot during …

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feature Corona Crisis

How to study in quarantine

How to study in quarantine… With exams being right around the corner, it is time for you to put on your thinking cap and ace …

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763 Corona Crisis

Doing groceries in times of Corona

Hello everyone! In this blog post I would have loved to show you around at the different supermarkets in Austria. Unfortunately, because of the current …

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