Omally’s Irish Pub: A Pint-Sized Paradise in the Heart of Salzburg


Omally’s Irish Pub, nestled in Salzburg’s picturesque streets, harmoniously blends the city’s historic charm with an authentic Irish vibe. Stepping inside, you’re greeted by a cozy ambiance, where Salzburg’s heart converges with traditional Irish hospitality. Rooted in the Austrian landscape, this quaint pub offers more than a night out—it’s a fusion of cultures. Traverse the cobbled streets with us, discovering Omally’s testament to the marriage of Austrian elegance and Irish cheer. Join locals and visitors in an experience that transcends borders, raising a glass to the spirited world of Omally’s, where every sip is a celebration echoing the melodic joy of Salzburg’s enchanting atmosphere.

The ambiance at the Irish Pub

Step into Omally’s Irish Pub for a visual journey blending Salzburg’s charm with Ireland’s soul. The inviting interior, featuring warm wooden fixtures and seamless integration of traditional Irish elements with Salzburg’s classic elegance, offers a unique and harmonious ambiance. Soft lighting creates an intimate atmosphere, perfect for conversation and camaraderie. Whether at the lively bar or a corner booth, Omelly’s curated interior sets the stage for a culturally rich and cozy evening in the heart of Salzburg.


The Menu of the Irish Pub

Omally’s Irish Pub beckons patrons with an enticing array of libations that not only satisfy the discerning palate but also offer an affordable indulgence. The drink menu boasts an impressive variety, from a carefully curated selection of beers that traverse the spectrum of local and international brews to the rich, amber hues of aged whiskies that tell tales of distant lands. Ciders, crisp and refreshing, provide a delightful alternative, while expertly crafted cocktails add a dash of flair to the drinking experience.

What sets Omally’s apart is not only the diversity of their drink offerings but also the pocket-friendly prices that accompany each pour. The pub generously hosts a Happy Hour from 8 pm to 9 pm, transforming an ordinary evening into a celebration. During this golden hour, everything from the draft pours is offered at half the price, allowing patrons to savor their favorite libations without breaking the bank.

Omally’s Irish Pub embodies culinary conviviality, featuring a menu of shareable snacks and mouthwatering pizzas. From classic pub fare to inventive bites, each dish complements the diverse drink selection. With affordable drinks and delectable bites, Omally’s promises a flavorful journey, making it the go-to spot for a spirited and satisfying pub experience.

Irish Pub
The Whisky and Beer variety from the Irish Pub Omallys

Live Entertainment at the Irish Pub

Omally’s Irish Pub offers a dynamic entertainment lineup in sync with its lively ambiance. Karaoke takes center stage on Tuesdays and Thursdays, transforming the pub into a melodious haven. Wednesdays bring spirited pub quizzes, testing the wits of the crowd. Fridays and Saturdays shine the spotlight on impeccable service, ensuring an unforgettable blend of entertainment and hospitality. With engaging activities, seamless service, and a lively atmosphere, Omally’s is the go-to destination for a dynamic and delightful pub experience in the heart of Salzburg.


In bidding farewell to our journey through Omally’s Irish Pub, we raise a final toast to this Salzburg haven. Omally’s transcends the ordinary, merging the heart of Salzburg with Irish warmth. From the harmonious interior to dynamic entertainment, affordable drinks, and impeccable service, it’s more than a pub—it’s a vibrant narrative.

Whether engaging in karaoke, testing wits at pub quizzes, or relishing carefully crafted snacks and drinks, Omally’s beckons you to join its lively tale. A testament to cultural fusion, it’s a living embodiment of conviviality. Here’s to Omally’s, where every visit is a memorable journey through the heart and soul of Salzburg. Sláinte!

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