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#Shoppingonabudget – Want quality stuff but a bit tight on budget?

Who said that quality shopping has to be expensive and compromised by budget restraints? Not at all! All it takes is a little bit of …

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#coronaboredom appreciation of extra time

Are you sick of fitness advice and healthy food diaries? Guess what? Me too! Why should one be more productive in a global pandemic than …

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#stayathome – the stories in the corona crisis – part II

The Tales of the Lockdown – The Kitchen Corner As already mentioned in the first part of the blog, I’ve been cooking a lot during …

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How to study in quarantine

How to study in quarantine… With exams being right around the corner, it is time for you to put on your thinking cap and ace …

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Doing groceries in times of Corona

Hello everyone! In this blog post I would have loved to show you around at the different supermarkets in Austria. Unfortunately, because of the current …

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Shocking Supermarket

A lot of you might agree with me that it has been so hectic the past few months. Trips that have been planned months ahead …

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#StayHomeStayinAustria: Gastein walking spots

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#Shopping on a budget – thrift shopping for hobbies in TAO & Mode Circel

Thrift shopping is not only for used clothes, shoes & bags – and to those of you who were believing that it is, I’m about …

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#StayHomeStayinAustria – trip to Therme

Are you bored of sitting at home 24/7? Are you tired of not being able to meet your families or friends? Self-quaranting doesn’t bring you …

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