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Coffee Charms: Discovering 3 Cozy Cafés in Hallein

City of Hallein

Amazing city with so much to discover! Only a 6-minute train ride from the FH Salzburg Urstein campus. Don’t you want to know more about this city for a more fun student life? Come look at this blog, this will provide you with tips to enjoy a day at a relaxing coffee experience as a student in FH Salzburg:)

I personally love spending quality time with my friends, studying, or reading at a café, drinking coffee, and recently I came to find out that our campus is located so close to a small but cute town, Hallein. Hope this blog will help you gain more knowledge about the surroundings and enjoy most of the time in FH Salzburg. There is also more information on Hallein’s instagram.

Now, let’s look into our groups recommendation for cafés:))

Viktoria Zuckerbäckerei

This café will take you on an amazing gourmet journey of a variety of cakes and some savories. When I visited this café, it was almost full. The café itself is very compact so I would recommend going with your close friend to have a weekend coffee meet-up. What is very special about this café is that they use local ingredients to support community and also you can order customised cakes for birthdays or anniversaries and so on. If you check the posts on their instagram account, you will be surprised how pretty all the cakes they did are!!

I had an espresso and the raspberry cake, the sourness and bit of bitter taste of espresso matches so much with the sweetness of the cake, but it is not too sweet like you are eating cubes of sugar, exactly the right amount to enjoy both. I had a very good time, I hope you will also:)

Opening hours: on Friday and Saturday 8 AM-5 PM

The staffs there are especially friendly and we enjoyed a small conversation with them, it was such an amazing experience:)

If you want to be in such a cute atmosphere with amazing cakes and coffee, visit Viktoria Zuckerbäckerei.

Braun Konditoreicafe

This coffee shop is next to the previous café I mentioned, Viktoria Zuckerbäckerei. You have a big showcase filled with cakes and small snacks and there are huge space of sofa seats and tables. The lady who was working there that day was so friendly and I am always so moved when people are so nice:) You can go with a group of friends and I am sure everyone will find according to your taste! There were many elderly couples drinking coffee and talking, calm weekend dates. One thing to be careful of; they do not have alternative-milk option.

I had a espresso which was very smooth and the tart, I could taste that the strawberry was still quite fresh, also one bite of the warm quiche was the perfect combination to enjoy. This amazing café cultures encourage me to wake up earlier in the morning to start a day fancier. You’ll have to try this method too!

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday 8 AM-6 PM, on Saturday 8 AM-5 PM

An afternoon spent with your friends in Braun Konditoreicafe will be a memory forever…

→ My Colleague Heana did a cool marketing analysis of this café, have a quick look at this blog!

Die Genusskrämerei Hallein

This is actually a restaurant which is located almost at the starting point of the main part of the city. They have a brunch until 12pm and lunch, dinner… not only the food there is authentic and photogenic, but also it tastes amazing. You and your stomach will experience ultimate happiness after visiting this place. One small “tea”, surprisingly, I found out at FH Salzburg account also follow this restaurant’s account on instagram… This place can be for many occasion, girls dinner, gathering, or dates also casually and formally, with some jazz music playing. You don’t even have to talk and let yourself be in the mood of this restaurant.

They have many other kind of drink such as this matcha latte on the left picture, it would be cool to find your best match(a)!! I have personally visited here before and this place is the reason why i wanted to write a blog about Hallein’s cafés. You’ll know what I mean by visiting this restaurant:)

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday 9 AM-11 PM

As an already returning customer of die Genusskrämerei Hallein, I cannot wait for you to have this gastro experience.

→ For more detailed information/ tip for this restaurant, look at this blog, my colleague Kewalin wrote!

Final mini tip – Important when you go to cafés especially in Salzburg to know whether you can pay with card or not… Viktoria Zuckerbäckerei does accept card but overall for these places I mentioned above, I would recommend to bring a cash with you:))

Thank you for engaging to the content! Leave a comment on this post of your awesome journey:))

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