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Social Media Ideas for Pirker’s Hotel

In the course e-Marketing and Social Media we were lucky enough to work with Hotel Pirker’s which is owned by Jenny’s parents. The hotel has …

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Always start with a clear goal in mind

“To be successful requires two things: clear goals and a burning desire to reach them.” – Henry Ford After getting to know our buddy, I …

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Pirker's Biohotel

TikTok as a promotion tool for Pirker’s Biohotel

As TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms over the last year, many businesses have started to use it as a …

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Supporting a Buddy with Social Media

The task in this year’s e-Marketing & Social Media Marketing course was to create a social media strategy for a Buddy. Our group focused on …

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Social Media Strategy – Hair Salon

In the course of Social Media Marketing and e-Marketing, we (Chiara, Samira, Annamária and Valentina) established a social media strategy for a regional hair salon …

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Costa Rica

Have you been to the LAZIEST hostel yet?

During our social media class we developed a new e-markteing strategy for the best hostel in Costa Rica. Check out our story highlights…& don’t forget to book ur flight right away 🙂

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Who are our visitors?

Defining the target market 🎯 In the course of the e-Marketing & Social Media Marketing subject, our group dealt with the Lazy Loft Hostel in …

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How can hotels survive Covid-19

1, Try a chatbot Competition – Chatbots are considered to be really good and successful marketing strategies and different giveaways by making a quiz for …

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Social media channel takeover from a hair salon

We are Valetina, Samira, Annamaria and Chiara, and for our social media marketing course, we looked at the social media marketing of a local hair …

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