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A vegan brunch in Salzburg: GustaV café & bistro

A cold Saturday morning, a tiny café, hand painted tables, hot matcha latte and a vegan French toast. This describes our visit at the GustaV café in Salzburg in a nutshell…

After visiting the Panzerhalle and other vegan food spots for lunch and dinner in Salzburg, we decided that it was time for finding a nice brunch spot. After asking some friends we came to the conclusion that we wanted to try the GustaV bistro in Salzburg. GustaV offers brunch on Saturdays, and lunch & dinner from Thursday to Saturday. This Experience Salzburg blog will give you an overview over our brunch experience at the GustaV café in Salzburg. 

The experience at GustaV bistro

The café is situated in the center of Salzburg in the Wolf-Dietrich-Straße 33, right around the corner of Organic Pizza. The GustaV café only offers 5 tables and a very colorful interior. The motivation behind the coffee shop is simple: vegan brunch, lunch and takeaway, without a lot of chichi but with all of their heart. We were served by a very welcoming waitress who explained us everything we needed to know about the brunch menu. In total there were three dishes to choose from:

  • Gxunds A vegan yoghurt bowl with granola and fruit (the healthy option)
  • Herzhaft A savory vegan omelet with vegetables
  • Süß A sweet vegan French toast with fresh fruit and maple syrup 

After going back and forth between the savory and sweet option, we decided to go for the French toast and a matcha latte – and we were not disappointed. After a few minutes we got our green tea lattes and were able to try the hyped drink. It was very good, and we were more than happy that we chose the matcha tea over a typical coffee. 

While we were enjoying the first sip of our matcha latte, we were served with our French toasts which were decorated with grapes, bananas and nuts as well as drizzled with maple syrup. The dish was super delicious, and we concluded that it does not “taste vegan” at all. 

After enjoying our brunch, we wanted to pay and leave, however, there is unfortunately no option to pay with the card, therefore, be prepared with some cash on hand when going there. In our case, it was no problem to quickly walk to the nearby ATM (on the other side of the building). After paying, we left and raving about the perfect French toast. 

Rating of the vegan food spot in Salzburg


The ambient of the GustaV bistro was super nice, the tables and the wall were painted, the chairs were mismatching, and the overall vibe was extremely comfortable. The café is rather small (only 4-5 tables) but this makes the ambient very friendly and private. When you walk into the café, you are first looking at a small coffee bar with barstools, surrounded by the tables. The whole café is decorated with cute details such as books, magazines and little decorations. Overall, the ambient reminded us of a small, dreamy café you would usually find in metropoles like Berlin or New York. 


The experience of the offered service was marvelous from the reservation phone call to the “you can quickly leave and come back to pay. – I trust you” offer while paying. The waitress was very friendly and talkative, and we loved to have a little chit-chat with her. Therefore, we would rate the service 100/10. 😉 


Just like the ambient and the service, the food of the vegan brunch was great as well. The many vegan options were really nice, and we loved the taste of it. For all non vegans: Don’t worry, the food does really not “taste vegan” – scout’s honor! The café does not only offer brunch, but also different lunch and dinner options. They also have a take-away option for enjoying food at home. 


Regarding the costs, we found that the prices were totally fair and adequate to the quality of the food. A brunch dish costs approximately between 8 and 10 €, therefore we paid 15€ including tips for the brunch. As already mentioned before, the café is only accepting cash, therefore, be aware to bring some cash on hand when visiting the café. Nevertheless, we were extremely happy (& full haha) after leaving the café – it was worth every penny. 


As you can probably tell from our eulogy above, we were beyond impressed by the vegan brunch at the GustaV café. As already mentioned, the café also offers lunch and dinner, and we are already planning on testing it as well. 

If you also want to visit GustaV for a vegan brunch, we highly recommend making a reservation beforehand, as they are very limited due to the number of tables. If you prefer lunch or dinner options in Salzburg, check out Organic Pizza, Vegitalian, Naked Indigo and Fit Smartfood.  

Also check out the website of GustaV.

We hope you enjoyed our blogpost about vegan food spots in Salzburg, feel free to leave a comment and tell us about your experience at the GustaV bistro below!

Pictures of the vegan food

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