Schafbergblick from Kulmspitze

sunset adventure on the Kulmspitze , Mondsee

The Kulmspitze is a mountain in Upper Austria / Salzkammergut that rises 1096m above sea level over the Mondsee. In the year 2019, a wooden observation tower was constructed at its peak. 

It’s a favourite spot for Salzkammergut enthusiasts, like me! 

The observation tower

The Kulmspitze is an all-year attraction that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hiking is popular in the spring, summer, and fall while snowshoeing is popular in the winter.


The Kulmspitze is located on the left side of the road as you reach the Mondsee area from the highway. You may either drive up and walk for around 15 minutes to the observation tower, or you can “climb” up from Mondsee’s centre. There are other alternative routes up from Innerschwand or Oberwang that I haven’t attempted yet. 

The way up For

I chose the more arduous but exciting route and began in the heart of the lovely town of Mondsee. The climb takes around 4-5 hours, depending on your fitness level, and is thus the preferable alternative for the sunset! For more Information about the way up – click here!

During your journey, you will cross the “Radstattkapelle,” which belongs to the local community of Oberwang – after passing the Radstattkapelle, you will have practically completed the most difficult part of the trip. 

Radstattkapelle – Oberwang

From the Radstatt chapel, take the 4th exit (Route 4). The wonderful wooded trail travels up the slope with little elevation changes to the Kulmspitze, the highest mountain on the ridge. On our way there, we pass the intersection of Path No. 1. We ignore them, quickly uncover a lovely viewing point, and ultimately make our way to the summit. Here you may view the Kulmspitz observation tower. 

When you reach the top, you will see a 29-meter-high observation tower — it is now time to climb up to experience the most spectacular view of the Mondsee region.

As there is no possibility for a stop at a “restaurant,” make sure you have extra food and beverages packed.

On the climb up, keep an eye out for forest creatures such as snakes, rabbits, and perhaps deer, especially in the summer.

We now return down the path to the hiking trail no. 1 junction. This is a downward slope. Mondsee may be seen at the border of the woodland. We arrive at a road near Stabau and proceed downhill to Haus Schafbergblick. 

The hiking track departs from the bus stop on the left and winds into the forest, passing behind the Schafbergblick home. A seat on the outskirts of the woodland encourages you to take a brief pause and take in the scenery. We quickly reach the road again at the first home, which goes back to the town and provides a lovely view over the Hilfberg region.

I also made a small list of things you always should have with you when going for a hike


  • Backpack 20-30l
  • First aid kit including rescue blanket and blister plaster
  • if necessary personal medicines
  • Telephone with emergency numbers
  • Map and compass, hiking guide
  • headlamp
  • Cash
  • Drinking bottle and sufficient water at least 1.5l
  • Small garbage bag


  • hard shell pants
  • cap
  • sun hat or headband
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection SPF 30
  • Sun protection also for the lips
  • gloves / thin gloves
  • adjustable walking sticks
  • Rain cover for the backpack


  • Insulation jacket for the summit rest
  • camera
  • functional clock
  • binoculars
  • Gags and/or gaiters (depending on season and altitude)
  • handkerchiefs
  • tick tongs
  • lighter
  • small seat cushion
enjoying the sunset on the way up to the Kulmspitze
enjoying the sunset on the way up to the Kulmspitze

& I also have some delicious and energizing snack ideas for the hike

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly or Honey Sandwich – energizing and fills your tummy 
  • Banana – the real winner when you walk for hours 
  • Carrots and hummus – everyone loves the combination 
  • Dates –As a first date the sunrise/sunset hike would be an option but in this case I mean the fruit from the orient
  • Energy bars – give you long-lasting energy – that you need 
  • Energy Balls – they are made from dates, nuts and whatever comes to your mind like chocolate
  • Crackers and cheese – gives you a little “picnic”-vibe 
  • Veggies – I can’t leave veggies on the list! – eat your greens guys 
  • Nut-mix – gives you a lot of protein and are easily portable

& of course, some drinks for the hike up and the enjoyment part

  • of course, water – you would not survive without it
  • coffee or tea when you hike up in the morning
  • maybe when you are up a can of beer or wine

what are you waiting for? 

get off the sofa and out into nature and up to the Kulmspitze for an unbelievable sunrise/sunset

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