Vegan Pizza, Piadina, Lasagne at Vegitalian in Panzerhalle
Vegan Lunch at Vegitalian in Panzerhalle, Salzburg

On My Way

It was one of these rare sunny November days in Salzburg, when I stepped outside and breathed in the fresh mountain air of the city. My stomach was already rumbling with hunger, and I could barely wait until lunch. Today’s destination was the vegan market stand Vegitalian in the Panzerhalle.

This relict from former times is located in the Western quarter Maxglan of Salzburg city. From my home it takes me about ten minutes of walking through calm residential areas. From the city center it takes you about 12 minutes by bus (O-Bus 1) until the Hans-Schmid-Platz, where you then need to walk a further ten minutes until you finally arrive at the Panzerhalle.

Welcome at Panzerhalle

As I eventually arrived at quarter past 12 o’clock, the Panzerhalle had already filled with numerous other hungry companions just like me. From the outside the Panzerhalle appeared to me rather rustical and dark. Once stepping inside, I noticed that the marketplace is very open and filled with bright light.

The interior is modern and rustical, but, nevertheless, conveys a feeling of being very much welcomed. The diverse styles of tables and chairs combined with various sorts of woods and color shades let the open space appear cozy. Even though the marketplace of the Panzerhalle is one open space, it feels like many small private areas because of clever and seamless separations in between. 

Choose Your Vegan Meal

On behalf of the Vegourmets, my final destination was to be found in the last corner at the very back of the marketplace, the Vegitalian market stall. The native Milan, Samanta, who is the owner of Vegitalian, welcomed us with a friendly smile, before helping us to decide between the various vegan delicacies.

I for myself already knew very well what I wanted to have. Since I am probably the biggest fan of lasagna, I, of course, could not resist, but had to order the lasagna of the day. My dear Vegourmets companions meanwhile ordered pizza margherita, panzeretto and piedina with sweet potatoes – all 100% vegan of course. While briefly (3-5 min) waiting and getting a discount on our meals, we chatted with the lively Italian. 

Enjoy Lunch

The overall concept of the marketplace in the Panzerhalle is: Choose your stand, decide for the meal, pay and briefly wait until it is ready to go, choose your seat and enjoy. So, it is all self-service, except you can convince the handsome pizza chef with a beautiful smile. Then you also get your pizza serviced to your table. Once me and my companions were seated, we only had to enjoy our meals and so much can be said …

I did very much enjoy it. When it comes to lasagna, I am not able to take a joke. So, when I saw that the lasagna was warmed up in the microwave, I got skeptical. But then, taking the first bite of my lasagna felt like arriving in heaven. The vegan lasagna did not miss out on anything. It was hot and soft. The vegan cheese did not taste strange, and the tomato pasta was seasoned on point. There was definitely no additional salt needed. I still do not know how the mince was replaced, but I would very much like to know because my soybean granules cannot compete with that.


So, from my side, the vegan lasagna gets a 9.5 out of 10, just because I am a spicy girl and a meal cannot be perfect for me if this certain spark of hotness is missing. Concerning the price and chilled atmosphere I can only give a 10 out of 10. Having a lasagna for €8, which is that well-seasoned and your stomach would not be able to eat one more bite, is more than fair. Also, the other Vegourmets were more than convinced. The piedina scored 9 points, the panzeretto 8 points and the €5,50 pizza margherita was the well-deserved winner of the day with 10 out of 10 points.

Vegan Dessert

Even though, all Vegourmets were more than stuffed, we needed to try at least the tempting-looking chocolate brownie. Pro tip: If you pay your dessert with coins, you get another one for free, in our case a tiramisu. 2 for 1, well, we definitely take that.

The chocolate brownie is a real recommendation, not only because it looks very delicious, but also because it tastes even better and not vegan or healthy at all. The tiramisu might not be a traditional Italian one and slightly tasted a bit more nutritious, but definitely no mistake to choose.

Top or Flop

Well, unsurprisingly the Vegetalian market stall in the Panzerhalle is a real inside tip for a delicious vegan lunch break. The service is more than friendly and helpful. The price performance is fitting and the overall atmosphere in the marketplace is super chilled and private.

In addition, a group of people with different tastes has the great opportunity that everybody will find a perfect meal due to the various market stands. The only drawback is the location. From the city it takes you a while by bus and feet to reach the Panzerhalle, maybe even too long for a short lunch break. But that is no problem… For which reason were delivery services invented?

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Pictures of the Vegan Food

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