3 Romantic gateways to Vienna for free

Enjoy the 3 Gateways:

Arena, Baumgasse

Our love night trip continues to the Arena, which is located in Baumgasse 80. Everyone could recognise this arena – an interesting gateway with graffiti.

The Arena today is a popular centre for alternative culture – hosting exhibitions, concerts, open-air cinema during the summer. The Arena also has two small rooms in it where different events could take place. The couple from the movie “Before Sunrise” entered the arena and enjoyed one band that was playing in the room. Then they went for a beer and played pinball. While playing they asked each other for the first time if they had a loved one. Both of them shared their stories about the last relationship they had. The boy’s relationship ended several days ago. He was spending money to come to Europe from America to visit his girlfriend, but things did not always go as planned.

Being disappointed in someone doesn’t mean that you will be disappointed in others as well. If he wasn’t disappointed and didn’t visit Europe, he won’t meet this girl, and won’t have one unforgettable night in Vienna and move through all gateways. After every worst moment, life gives you the opportunity to experience something beautiful.

Strolling through the Streets of love – Mölker Steig & Schreyvogelgasse  

After having some fun in the arena, we returned to the city centre. Moving through Mölker Steig we are spending time in the historical centre. In most cities, the historical centre is one of the most famous and impressive parts of the city. Today, if people want to have a good time – most of the places should be paid for. However, the historical centre is for free.

Having in mind that these streets are full of history make you think a lot about life, make you think about how people lived before and how they are living now. And if we return to our movie couple, they are moving through the street, where people that are also in love were there. Being happy in someplace, somehow this place will stay in your heart and mind, and you could leave some happiness for the others that will be there. Share your emotions with the place to keep the place with you.

Walking through Mölker Steig will lead you down to the next gateway Schreyvogegasse, where Beethoven once lived. Knowing that you are having a walk through one street where one brilliant composer lived – gives you the positive energy and the desire to achieve your dreams. By walking through the historical streets, the couple was discussing the difference between men and women. What an irony – today women and men are equal, both sexes could fight for their dreams in order to achieve them, in the past women didn’t have the option to express publicly their opinion, their place was being home and raising their children.

Watching the “Birth Dance”  at Spittelberggasse

Having a walk through the beautiful streets at night in Vienna each person could experience the freedom of the soul. The couple had the luck to watch a woman performing belly dance.

This dance is a kind of ritual known as “a dance of birth”. This is a ritual dance, which is used during childbirth. This ritual is made so that women could birth easier. The idea of this birth dancing is to be surrounded by your closest people and feel good that you are giving new birth. By dancing, people are feeling free – like angels.

The discussion between the couple led to “where are the men during the birth?” From this topic they started the discussion about love, and what is to be in love with someone. Dancing and music could open a lot of topics that at first people will be afraid to ask. Vienna is a city that has a lot of history. Walking through the gateway you could follow a lot of new questions and interesting answers.

As in the movie, the intimate topic continues to the next Gutenberggasse. Being in love and to love somebody is a huge thing and very hard. But why are people afraid of this though? However, if someone is hurt by another person, people become more selfish – which is very normal. And during this period, we are getting afraid of normal life. Life for a career gives us something temporary – we are satisfied until the moment we achieve it – after that, we recognise that something is missing in life – but it is too late. To whom we will give the only thing that we live for?

 Love is the essence of our life.

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