#shoppingonabudget – The enriching effects of online shopping

Let’s admit it all, online shopping has become our new best friend. Being stuck at home all day has forced society to browse through these uncountable online shopping websites and in most cases, we are determined to pull out the shiny credit card of our wallet and finally purchase at least one of the items stuck in that virtual basket. Without thinking, just doing. And let me tell you, being a prime member has for sure its benefits.
Initially, an amazing, energetic excitement kicks in, we jump around, get a bottle of wine, and obviously chocolate (I mean who cares about calories after purchasing the new summer wardrobe). So here we are,  already waiting for the DHL guy to ring the bell, opening the door, and there it is the package (heaven) we were waiting for. SCREEAAAM. 2 minutes later we start to regret and bad conscience hits in. 1000 questions flow into our brain:
Was it really necessary?
How much money am I less fortunate now?
Should I return it?

Damn it, that fiesta session with wine and chocolate makes me not fit in my newly purchased summer clothes. 

So, here I am to help you out to solve this problem with all my transparency I bear inside. Here is speaking an online shopaholic that has lifelong experience in that business.  I am going to explain to you at this very moment how you can become an online shopaholic pro and how to conduct online shopping these days with feeling even more enriched and not having a bad conscience subsequently. 

But how does this ‘’ No regret’’ scheme actually work?
Well, there are some rules we have to keep in mind that I will list for you down here, so you can follow, adapt, and implement them during your next online shopping adventure. SO LET’S GO (no physical exercise needed, just some finger delicacy)

  •  Support your local stores, thrift shops, or SME’s that provide an online shopping website.  Obviously, our small-medium enterprises that have been banned to open their everyday affairs, need your support at this very moment. As a matter of fact, most of them try to sell their items online right now and offer great discounts. Whether it is clothing, books, kitchen devices, or even food or meal orders that are in high demand, you can only support stores who are fighting for survival right now. So if you have to decide now between a market leader that already makes a huge income or an SME that operates even in your hometown, and both offer the same item at almost the same price, try to go for the particular one that bears more suffering right now.
  •  My second suggestion, and the one I ALWAYS go with, is to consistently check for discounts and sales. Indeed, discounts are common and more frequent in the online shopping world these days. On this occasion, it applies to be patient, to make your daily check-ins, and to make sure to be fast when you see that dress, pair of shoes, or even a new kitchen device you wanted to acquire for a long time. 
  •  My last and final point is a very essential one for all of you and makes it worth paying for. It even enriches you! You’re probably thinking now: “how can I become richer when shopping online?” Well, you are right, but let me tell you, it is a matter of perspective and how you see things. Therefore, invest in something that gives you distraction but at the same time makes you feel content. Why? Because you need to be busy right now, so focus on something that helps you escape from this critical situation for at least a little while. Whether it is an intense thriller, an entertaining online game, a creative cookbook to focus on these cooking skills, or maybe a podcast that grants you motivation and discipline. Of course, it does not have to be fancy, extravagant, or overpriced.
    At the end of the day, even that photo album that you purchase and fill with all these unique, unforgettable memories to look back at, can make you happy – and yes, that even enriches you!

Okay, this was quite a lot to take in. However, I do hope it helped you a bit for your next shopping experience and always keep in mind to do whatever fulfills you the most (obviously that does not have to be online shopping 😉 ).


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