Social Media Decade.

Social media has become an essential marketing platform for a large number of businesses as it provides an great platform to reach younger target markets. Corporations and businesses globally start to see the potential of social media marketing campaigns and adapt them into their marketing mix.

As part of our study program we followed the course social media marketing. During this course we learned to implement effective custom made marketing campaings for small businesses. For our case study we worked together with L’osteria Salzburg to boost their social media engangement via viral marketing strategy. The platform we chose for the aims and objective of this collabreation is Tiktok.

Tiktok is an upcoming social media platform where businesses can create and significant social media reach via viral videos. Therefore, the goal of our collaboration was to create an viral marketing campaign custom made for L’ostria Salzburg. Therefore, we analysed the competitors to understand what make an video go viral. The following elements were concluded to be essential for an viral video:

  • Kick the video of with an bang
  • Use trending music songs
  • Tell a story
  • Keep the video as short as possible
  • Be slightly controversial
  • Be relatable
  • Post frequently
  • Implement similarities to other viral videos on for example #FYP

All these elements were discussed when the marketing plan for L’osteria Salzburg was written in order to achieve at least 2-3 viral posts. Tiktok is an platform where the most simple videos can go viral and have huge affect on your business. Understand what is vital to a video to go viral stimulateas the succes of your compaing.

A more detailed overview of the marketing plan we created for L’osteria Salzburg can be found on the blog post of Martin Praprotnik. In his blog, we describe how we created and executed the Tiktok plan for L’osteria Salzburg.

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