Tik Tok for the win! How can restaurants adopt new marketing strategies?

”Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s cringey, but it’s definitely addictive.”

Tik Tok has become one of the most influential marketing tools of the decade. Nowadays almost every business is seeking to adopt Tik Tok app as a prime way to reach different customers and to try something new. We, as a group decided to focus on a specific restaurant in the city center of Salzburg, La’ Osteria. The place attracts local people and tourists without any particular gender differentiation.

lo at restaurant salzburg desktop

As we progressed with our project we saw a great potential to connect Tik Tok with La’ Osteria and help it to get benefits from the strategy. What was in it for La’ Osteria?

  1. Help get new customers
  2. Connect with local society
  3. Delivering high engagement
  4. Partnering with different influencers
  5. Advertising on platforms with less competition

Goals for the year 2021 were set to create some experimentation space since the app is fairly new to the public. Next thing was to align our plans with business objectives and create a SWOT analysis to recognize the competition. Lastly, we defined our target audience and created a plan to increase our customer value.

Further on we designed a weekly plan which included:

  • a release of at least two videos per week
  • showing the making of the dishes on the menu
  • and promote La’ Osteria weekly menu on Tik Tok

It should look something like that;

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