As part of our social media plan for the L’Osteria Restaurant Salzburg, the team pay close attention to the guideline of how they can prevent the spreading of the Corona virus. The team has decided to include video about Corona, how it should be prevented and how the staff deals with the situation during business operation. When coming to the restaurant, customers will have to present a negative Corona test in order to enter the restaurant. In regards to FFP2 mask, customers should wear their mask when entering, going to the bathroom and when leaving the restaurant. When seated at a table customers can remove their mask. Please see the video below for further visual procedures on covid19.


TikTok Logo | Logo, zeichen, emblem, symbol. Geschichte und Bedeutung

The team decided to use TikTok as a marketing tool to attract more customers to L’Osteria salzburg. The very famous social media app was created in the year 2016, an rose to popularity over the past years. The team decided to use the app to make cool videos and pictures. Below you will find the effect on how TikTok will contribute to the L’Osteria Restaurant Salzburg

  1. Boost social media visibility
  2. Positive interaction with the brand and customers
  3. Viral Marketing

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