Social Media Marketing – Reel Editing Process

As our Group took the social media over from the travel agent “THE TRAVEL BIRDS”, it was very important to expand to a new market group and furthermore for us it was very significant to focus on a younger target group.

That was one of the reasons to create two Instagram Reels, as we know this tool on the App is used by the younger generation.  Instagram Reels are short engaging videos and should be fun to watch.

As my college Steffanie already explained you the goals and the achievements. I will explain the whole process who we did it.

First, we created a managing plan. We wrote down the upcoming events and as it was very important for the management to integrate the employees and immediately ask the employees who would be willing to create the content with us.

As the company has some kind of relations to Wings for Life and there for the upcoming event the “Wings for life Run”  was a great  opportunity to promote the Run but also to encourage the followers to join the “THE TRAVEL BIRDS” team.

The managing plan included:

  • Different locations
  • Different scene
  • Different effects
  • Music decision
  • The written text
  • Where the prices are included
  • How it will be filmed
  • Caption

After filming the different sceneries with two of the employees, we start cutting the different videos and combined them. This was all done on the Instagram App with the Reel tool. After editing the music was added and further a filter was included. For the last part of the video the story editing tool “Unfold” was used. Here the written part got created and pictures of the prices were supplementary.  Before uploading the video, the caption was added. In the end the video had nearly 3500 views.

The second Reel which was created by us. Was a more entertaining video clip. As my college Stefanie explained before the video should engage with followers and customers and increase the profile visits. Here we looked at different popular clips and decided on a simple but cool video. We tried to find something which is connected to the travel agency and is nice to watch. Here we started again we a manage plan and a good briefing of the employees who were again your actors. 

Also, here the manage plan included the location switch, music decision, the lineup and the caption. The filming process was very easy and was also much faster. After having all the content set, the editing process started again. It was similar to the first Reel. Nevertheless, here the cutting had to be more precisely, as the movement had to be exactly concurring. Additionally, in this Reel have been five actors included, which makes it even harder to have the movements matched. However, in the end the Reel became, and nice filter and caption was added and then it got uploaded. This Reel has 14,8 k views and is so far the most successful reel on the travel birds Instagram page.

It was very interesting to have a great practical example and connect it to a specific firm.


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