Lazy loft Social Media Marketing Strategy

Blog post made by Kitti

Regarding our social media platfroms, we would like to engage our customers as much as we can. The best platform for that is Instagram, as that shows the most popularity of usage among the social media platforms.

On Instagram, we would post regularly about general info, to-dos, updates and facts about the hostel and Costa Rica. We would also do our customer analysis doing surveys, polls and Q&As, what’s more reels, videos and live broadcasts about our current programs such as concerts or just about the great vibes.

Instagram would be our main channel of promotion, therefore we would also use regular Instagram ads and campaigns, as well as posting giveaways or other discounts.

Here’s an example of our giveaway post content:

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Giveaways seem to be the best way of promotion because followers have to just push a button in order to get granted an opportunity to stay a couple nights for free. This is the most rapid way to make the hostel go viral on social media which enhances the popularity and also raises the level of reputation as the number of followers greatly increases in a short time without hunting for followers with extra ads. Additionally, this is an effective way of decreasing advertising costs.

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