#healthathome Part Two : “We are what we eat”

#healthdathome Part Two:We are what we eat

How is it going with you guys ?

Just a little update, things are getting better in Salzburg!! After a month (or almost), small shops are reopened again (yayyy), but apart from that, everything remains closed. It means that students like us still cannot go back to our normal life when we could hang out, have some coffee or beer together or go back home for Easter for instance.
Saaaad, isn’t it?
But still, let’s stay positive since we can fight this crisis together (virtually of course)! One of the ways to help fighting against this virus is strengthening our own immune system.
“Yeah, yeah I know that, everyone said that, people keep repeating that, but how?”
Okay okay! It does sound super general like some reporters repeating on TV, I agreed.
But what if I say, just pay attention to your plate, you’re more than half way to get the perfect shield against Corona virus, would you believe me?


“We are what we eat”

Food is exceptionally important for our health. We eat to survive. We eat to be stronger and we eat for enjoyment! I’ve read somewhere that “We are what we eat”. It basically means that food helps us to build your physical as well as mental strength. However, not all of the food have the same function so we have to balance our nutrition to be healthy.


Have you ever wondered why we eat bread in the morning? Why our moms always make us to eat some broccoli?

Hmmm… “balance our nutrition”.. but how?
Our body needs 6 main nutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates( aka Carbs) , Fat, Vitamins, Mineral, Water in a ratio. To stay healthy, an adult needs: 45-65% Carbohydrates, 10-30% Protein and 20-35% Fat plus Minerals and other Vitamins from our daily diet. To strengthen our immune system, eating enough protein, carbs, fat and adding minerals and vitamins, which come from fruit, non-starchy veggie, to our diet are essential since statistic showed that we don’t eat right to gain enough those nutrients for our body.


Comes from all kind meat such as beef, pork, chicken and nuts and beans


Comes from starchy products such as rice, bread, potato, noodle, etc.


Comes from oil, dairy product like cheese, milk, nuts, fish or fruit such as avocado, etc.

Building the nutrition balance can be initially applied by making our own plate!
You don’t have to keep in mind any number, any percentage! Here is a tip for you:
Place non-starchy veggie half of your plate , 1/4 is for your carbs and the rest is for your protein. Fat should be added in the process of cooking to make sure we have enough of this nutrient plus adding the yummy flavor. Who doesn’t like a touch olive oil on salad or some avocado on our morning toast ?


Half of our plate should be non-starchy veggie, 1/4 is for our carbs and the rest is for our protein

Another update for you guys, the number of people having Corona virus has been dropping in Austria during this week. That’s why we decided to celebrate it with our super healthy (drummer please!!!) *Steak night*

Here comes the recipe sharing corner:
Medium rare steak for 2

  • Rib-eye steak: 400g (200g each)
  • Potato: 200g
  • Sweet potato: 200g
  • Garlic: 2 gloves
  • Rosemary: 2 branches
  • Broccoli: 500g
  • Paprika powder: 1 table spoon
  • Dried oregano: 1 table spoon
  • Soya sauce: 3 table spoons
  • Butter: 100g
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and black pepper


Let’s start with our potatoes

Step 1: Cut the potatoes and sweet potatoes into small pieces

Step 2: Marinate the potatoes with paprika powder, dried oregano, salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil

Step 3: “Massage” our potatoes to make they’re covered by all of the dried ingredients

Step 4: Bake it in the oven 220 Celsius degree in 30 mins


We are so close to enjoy our steak!!
Magic in our kitchen

Step 1: Marinate the steak with salt and pepper and a touch of olive oil

Step 2: Heat the pan with olive oil till smoky hot

Step 3: Steak in with rosemary and garlic, 2-3mins each side

Step 4: Place butter onto the steak when it’s almost done

Step 5: Leave the steak rest for 5 mins in the oven at 150 Celsius degree.

Meanwhile, we can prepare our veggie.

Step 1: Hit the pan with olive oil

Step 2: Broccoli and soy sauce in

Step 3: Let the broccoli cook in 10 mins


….And VOILA !!!

Let's place all the goodness on our plate. Super easy but yummy, isn't it??

We chose a 2012-red wine from Krems region, located in Lower Austria as our main beverage for this lovely dinner.

Plating your meal based on the nutrition balance doesn’t as hard as it sounds, does it? Drop me some comments under this post to let me know if you try this steak recipe or how you create your own diet!!
Seeee yaaaaa!!

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