#healthathome Part One – Stay sane and train!

The corona crisis indeed can be demanding for our bodies and our psycho. We are used to go to the gym without limitations, meet friends and do sportive activities outdoors and indoors. For many persons, including me, being able to do sports is closely linked to not only being physically but also psychologically healthy. The ability to concentrate increases, the body keeps in shape and along comes self-confidence. Sporty people are used to endorphin releases after a satisfying workout. Even though we can still go for a run when the weather is nice outside, it is somewhat annoying to be dependent on nice weather to do sports.

Solely going for a run or for a hike does not satisfy everyone’s sportive needs. As we cannot go to the gym at the moment, it is time to get creative and assemble home workouts. To give you some inspiration, I will present you one of my favorite home workouts, which everyone can do at home.

Needed Equipment

In general, you do not need any specific sports equipment to do the workout. Many household items can be repurposed to do nice home workouts. However, I do recommend purchasing some basics online. When buying your equipment, make sure you buy at a local business, as those are in urgent need of economic support! So what will you need? Bellow you can find a list of basic equipment which appeared to be very versatile in its use.

  • Yoga Mat
  • Thera Band (light or medium)
  • Broom Stick
  • Jump Stretch Band
  • Heavy Backpack or Dumbbell
  • Stable Table and Chair

The Warmup

We start our workout with some warmup, to prepare your joints, muscles and body circulation for the upcoming activities, which will definitely, yes absolutely 100%, make you sweat! The warmup consists of three rounds of four different exercises, which you can see in my YouTube video. Below, you can see the exercises.

  • 20 High jumping knee raises
  • 15 Thera Band pull-aparts or 15 Bent over lateral raises
  • 10 Scapular push-ups
  • 5 Turkish get-ups


The warmup is followed by some body mobility exercises. These are really important, so you don’t hurt your joints. Be very precise with your movements and don’t be too quick. A well warmed up body will be able to perform better later. Keep doing each exercise for around one minute.

  • Kayaks with broomstick
  • Pectoral stretch against the wall
  • Scorpion stretch
  • Upward and downward going dog

The Workout

The third part of our home workout is the upper body strength circle of two exercises. You will be doing three to five rounds, depending on your fitness level. Keep in mind, that proper form is more important than the number of repetitions. 10 Slow motion Push-ups can be more demanding than 30 normal Push-ups, if done the right way. The same goes for the table row exercise. If normal push ups are a little bit too hard, you can do those while having your knees on the floor. The table rows are getting more harder, the higher up your feet are positioned. If normal table rows with straightened out legs are too challenging, then I recommend you stand on both your feet while having your legs angled.

  • 20-30 seconds push-ups or banded push ups (heavier)
  • 20-30 seconds table row
  • 60 seconds “chilling”

After this circle which focuses on the upper body, we now come to the grand finale of your home workout. We will be doing three different consecutive circles, each lasting for seven minutes. You should give your best so you can finish three rounds within those seven minutes. Once you are done with three rounds, you can rest until the next circle starts. This explanation might be slightly confusing, which is why I have prepared videos which you can look up on YouTube. Additionally, here comes the written down plan.

First circle – 7 minutes – rest once you have finished 3 rounds:

  • 20 Jumping lunges
  • 20 Ground to overhead with heavy backpack

Second circle – 7 minutes – rest once you have finished 3 rounds:

  • 20 Jumping lunges
  • 20 Step-ups on chair

Third circle – 7 minutes – rest once you have finished 3 rounds:

  • 20 Jumping lunges
  • 20 Thrusters with heavy backpack

When doing the workout keep in mind, that it lasts for 21 minutes. This means, you should try to pace yourself and make sure you move constantly on an intensity level which you can uphold for the whole 21 minutes. It does get pretty nasty one you reach the third circle. If you feel like it is too much for you, do your movements slower or reduce your rounds from three to two rounds. I hope you very much enjoy this workout. And i also hope it helps you to stay sane while staying at home 😉

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