Having siblings is weird…

One minute you are arguing & the next you are laughing


Once the news that Austria issued a statewide quarantine came out and that the universities began to shut down one by one , most students decided to go home to be with their families.

I was one of those students as well. I consider myself to be lucky as my family is in Vienna & all I had to do was get on a train.

13th of March at 6am leaving for Vienna

Usually when I go back to Vienna it is durring holiday & semester break so one could say that the feeling of being home during those times is more relaxed. Also during the past yeats I noticed that my sibling & I don’t argue as much as we did back when I was living in Vienna.

The first two weeks of quarantine were fairly normal but as the days went by my siblings & I started to get jumpy. You see, in the “old days” my siblings would normally go out to meet with their friends and wouldn’t be home for hours, which would allow me to have some quality time for myself. Of course, in those times, I would go meet up with my friends as well.

Anyways as time went by my siblings & I started to get on eachothers nerves over irrelevant things and we somehow started to pull pranks on eachother as well as annoy eachother just for fun. But my siblings & I annoyed and pulled pranks on eachother the same way we did when we were kids.

For example:

  • We would start to imitate eachother until one of us got mad
  • We would put salt instead of sugar in someones drink (Reason why I stopped drinking tea with sugar)
  • We would interupt someone when they were video chatting with their friends
  • We would secretly take photos of eachother & post it in our family group
  • We would go to someone’s room and annoy that person until they get up to chase us

The last example seriously looks like this!

& the list goes on….

Like I said childish behaviour.

But it was exactly that kind of childish behaviour that killed the boredom at home. Sure we got on eachothers nerves with all the arguing and pranks but at the end of the day we would reconcile.

When I asked my parents why they did not try to stop us they simply stated & I quote:

“Why should we stop it? You are providing us with free entertainment. Also when you guys acted that way we felt like we were back in the past when you were all kids with no worries.”

My wonderfully annoying siblings & I

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