#stayathome – the stories in the corona crisis – trailer

The Tales of the Lockdown – Trailer

Making of the Tales
This is the last blog post of this series! I had quite fun filming the content for the trailer, and playing around with it. I wanted to keep it simple, abstract, and kind of ironic. The content was filmed with a GoPro, regular smartphone and PlayStation 4 in-game footage. Adobe was generous to provide students with free usage of the creative suite products – THANK YOU ADOBE ♥ – so I played a bit with Premiere Pro. The fun fact is, that I had over 3 hours of material (30-40 GB) and it was really hard to put it together in a 1 min sequence – since I’m not a filmmaker xD But I hope you enjoy the video, maybe have a laugh – and bear in mind – this should be ironic and abstract. Actually, you can make up the story narration for yourself xD Enjoy the video!

The video is used only for educational purposes and is meant to be a part of the social media class project of the FH Salzburg’s IMTE-b2017 class. Any logos in the video are coincidental. The effects, cuts and transitions are the part of Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Any scenes, textures, or sound of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are recorded in-game and belong to Activision. The song in the video is retrieved from the royalty-free YouTube Studio audio library. The song is called Extention Level Event from Jingle Punks found in the YouTube Studio audio library.

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