#Shoppingonabudget – Want quality stuff but a bit tight on budget?

Who said that quality shopping has to be expensive and compromised by budget restraints? Not at all! All it takes is a little bit of time and few tricks and tips. Websites such as offer real silk, real leather, real wool and fur items. All it takes is a little know-how and time. Consider this your takeaway guide, dear reader. This article will introduce you to quality items in a tight wallet situation for the online platform In the next few steps, I will give you my personal tricks and tips of budget but quality shopping to how get those unique good quality items from

First for your takeaway guide let’s see how you can save more. Get that notepad, or better your phone, and let’s get started!

Step one: Download the app! Seriously, do it. Regardless of what online budget store you turn to, the apps always offer more options, bigger discounts and also keep you up to date with sales and special offers by notifications.

Step two: Fill your birthday information and preferences. The more the app knows about you the better deals and offers you get at times. And if the app knows you are into kinky BDSM choices… so what? It will pick the best one for you!

Step three: Do daily check-ins. Why? AliExpress app offers short games that take about 10 to 15 minutes of your daily time. By doing so, you collect coins. Now these coins when they are accumulated to a certain amount can be used to get special coupons, apply as a % discount to your final order price, and even be exchanged for free items!

Step four: Invite friends. As with each app that tries to attract customers, AliExpress offers extra coupons and discounts when you share links, news and invite friends to events. The new feature “coupon pals” offers a short game, where you can win a coupon to apply for further discounts. You win a coupon 100% there, the trick is to make it higher. And that’s where your pal group comes to the rescue! Spam them with those invitations and maximize your coupon. Yup, saving takes effort, even if that means your friends block your number on WhatsApp for a week or two.

Step five: Watch for the yearly sale. As here we thought sale doesn’t get any bigger (since items at the website are constantly flashing with sale labels), nope, they actually get a real actual big sale season here and there. The most well-known one is the 11.11 sale. It’s yearly and it’s considered the biggest sale of the year for AliExpress. So, write “11.11” on that piggybank and get ready – only few months to go!

So now that we figured how to save money on even more, it’s time we learn how to actually hunt those unique items! AliExpress has retailers offering real silk, real wool, natural stones and leather. Of course, to find the right vendor and not get tricked like in the memes that you definitely have seen online already, it takes some time and skill. Retailers use word-tricking. Meaning that some vendors might write “Silk, Cashmere, Leather”. AliExpress doesn’t take them down as they don’t promise the “REAL Silk” etc. they might as well be referring to the feel of the fabric, which is quite accurate from a viewpoint. Here I will share with you my personal to-go tips for choosing quality items on AliExpress:

1. Look for “Real, 100%” tags in the title. As tacky as it might seem, it does implicate the item indeed consists of that material. That is a clear promise and vendors who lie about the item sooner or later get reported, so AliExpress takes down vendors that lie about the items they sell. That’s why nowadays the tricky vendors use “Silk, Wool, Cashmere”, while the actual retailers add “REAL, 100%”.

2. Look at the product description. Sometimes the “Real silk” tag, might indicate a 3% of silk and 97% of polyester. Vendors must mention a material. If they do not mention material used and have a “Real, 100% etc.” tag in their title, then something’s fishy, and don’t get too used to them, they will be taken down eventually.

2. Look at the price. A woolen natural sweater, obviously, will not cost €9.99. The average price in fact for such item is around €25-30 on AliExpress. Now that might not exactly scream “budget”, but it is much cheaper to a 100% woolen sweater you find in your local store.

3. Look at the comments and reviews. The most obvious thing we all do, and the best one. People will complain and comment when something isn’t right. Read comments, see if what the retailer claims is the case.

4. Look at the followers of the vendor. Sure, there can be new retailers that haven’t yet accumulated a “fan base”. However, if you’re new to the online budget shopping, make sure to follow a store that has plenty of followers. By plenty, I mean amounts of thousands.

5. Look at the medals near the followers. The vendors get rewarded with certain medals, diamonds etc. by AliExpress. You can see these symbols next to the followers’ number at their main page in AliExpress. That means the vendor is trusted.

6. Look for the “Official” next to the store name of the vendor. Most of the time this indicates the retailer is selling his own items and that is not a re-distributor vendor of different factories. That means that the quality of the items is guaranteed to be what it is expected to be.

Remember, in websites like AliExpress they are a lot of tricky vendors that use wording to manipulate your perception. But they are the best sources to get budget quality. Because yes, the two things can go together! So hopefully my tips and tricks will serve you good, and happy shopping!

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