The importance of social media scheduling

For the management of the social media of The Travel Birds, part of this process was the scheduling of the social media content. Social media posting calendar and scheduling are important for many reasons:


In order to develop a social media following, you must be consistent with your post frequency. Now, if you apply that notion to the type of material you are producing, you are providing your audience a cause to visit your site on a weekly basis.

Let us suppose the audience knows you publish a tip every week – if they know you post on a consistent basis, they will be more likely to return again and again. They could come upon some more interesting material while they are there.

Developing a brand story

Planning social media posts will help enhance the brand image. In a way, it is important to tell a story no matter what kind of service you are offering. Social media planning will help you concentrate on building a story and having an overview of whether there is a cohesive relation between posts and if there is continuity in all social media content to be created. In order to do so planning ahead of time is important.

More time to engage

Hootsuite neues Fördermitglied des bvik | Bundesverband Industrie  Kommunikation e.V.

Another reason why planning and scheduling are important is that it leaves you with more time to engage with the followers and potential clients. Scheduling more posts beforehand helps you dedicate more time between posts to engage with your social media followers instead of trying to plan the next move right after content is shared. This creates a more interactive experience with social media users.

For our project with The Travel Birds, we used it as a scheduling and planning tool Hootsuite. This tool allowed us to plan in detail our social media posts and the way the social media feeds will look, while it is important to create a theme in order to look aesthetic and attractive for the eyes.

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