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In the course e-Marketing and Social Media we were lucky enough to work with Hotel Pirker’s which is owned by Jenny’s parents. The hotel has been in business since 1934 and constantly evolving. Now as our course focused on e-Marketing and Social Media we did too and did brainstorming for the lovely bio-hotel in Carinthia.

First, we decided upon the two Social Media channels i.e., Instagram and tiktok, for which we each wanted to post two times per week and have 4-5 stories per week. Our ideas covered a lot of topics, but here are some of them:

COVID Safety Champions

  • hygiene standards → symbol & description
  • TikTok reel of cleaning the hotel before opening

New Branding

  • video logo creation
  • logo will be presented in 6 posts that are split
  • announcement new FB page
  • video hotel family about new logo & strategy
  • highlight symbols (food, adventure, rooms, kids, animals, nature) & filter for all photos
  • button 100% pirker’s

The region

  • surrounding (hiking tours etc.)
  • activities (pony riding, campfire, fishing, etc.)
  • bike rental possibility (city bikes, e-city bikes, mountain bikes, e-mountain bikes)

The Hotel

  • creating engagement by asking questions in stories e.g. Which places would you visit first when coming to pirker’s? → story “sticker” to reuse
    What would you do first when staying at pirker’s?
    What are your favorite places at pirker’s?
  • values of pirker’s (1 value per week = 7 weeks)
  • presentation of staff members (6 members = 1 per week)
  • presentation family (1. – 3rd generation)
  • presentation of room categories
  • topic: BIO, CO2-neutral
  • video session “pirker’s spezialitäten” (baking videos with Maria, cooking videos with chef)
  • special offers → last minute etc.

Our ideas for TikTok were sometimes similar to the ones for Instagram but as described in the last post about our social media strategy, this can be a benefit. TikTok reels can be used for Instagram as well and are specifically beneficial for reaching a younger target group. Here are some of our ideas how we would integrate this tool into our strategy:

  • hotel tour
  • presentation of rooms
  • sightseeing tour with drone
  • dancing staff during cleaning for opening
  • pirker’s favorite places
  • What I mean when I think about staying at pirker’s (sound somebody to love)
  • craft tips
  • baking/cooking recipes
  • serving food
  • preparation of drinks

Important for TikTok or things that are trending right now

  • trendy music
  • subtitles 
  • automated voice
  • playing around with trends
  • follow me around the hotel

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