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“To be successful requires two things: clear goals and a burning desire to reach them.” – Henry Ford

I hope that you already read the post about Pirker’s organic and family hotel in Malta. If not, I recommend doing so. no matter if you’re a nature lover, travel enthusiasm or a family-first-person.

After getting to know our buddy, I can say that we all fell a bit in love with the new concept and the values representing the pirker’s organic and family hotel. Now it was our turn to focus on the right marketing, to give other people the possibility to get to know this gem.

Once we’ve tackled analyzing the hotel’s offering and its target audience, it was time to determine the company’s marketing goals. These are nothing more than assumptions that indicate what you want to achieve through your marketing efforts. However, marketing objectives are all about specifics and can be related to different criteria. However, it is important that they are defined in a fairly precise manner, so that it is possible to determine whether they have been achieved or not. They are our clear plans for the future, defining where we want our brand to be in terms of marketing in a particular period of time. This is a way to show the company the path it should follow so that it does not get lost in the maze of unnecessary activities. Goals will help to coordinate processes aimed at promoting the brand, product or service.

Setting marketing goals and determining the necessary actions within them is extremely important for our business. This gives a sense to the functioning of the company and at the same time determines the path that the brand should follow in order to be successful. Thanks to the goals we will determine if the path we have chosen is bumpy or if we can easily stay on it. We will know whether we can travel it at a fast pace or at a slower one. Without preparing a strategy, a plan and including goals, a brand will not be able to respond effectively to customer demand and thus sell. If there are no conversions, then there are no profits to keep the company operating in the market.

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