Coiffure Mario
As part of the social media plan for the Salon Suzanne, the social media planning regarding hygienic control and the competitors had to be analyzed.

Due to the current situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important that freshly opened hair saloons consider the health regulations and communicate them to the guests. Firstly, our group planned for the saloon a QR code, where guests can be directed to the closest covid testing center and where they can also register to get it. Furthermore, the saloon will provide FFP2 masks for guests in different colors, as well as a disinfection gel with aloe vera, so that the guests’ hands are staying hydrated. Secondly, on the Facebook and Instagram site a movement would take place; #fightingcoronatogether. Under this hashtag, the saloon will share weekly updates about the current Covid-19 regulations as well as highlighting the actions taken towards lifting the hygienic standards of the salon. Lastly, a video will be created to demonstrate the new client experience with the new regulations, so that guests will know what to expect.

To make sure that the future plans for the saloon are competitive in the market, a competitor analysis were concluded by analyzing 3 saloons.

Coiffure Mario

CoiffureMario 1

First, the Coiffure Mario was researched. The saloon can be found in Switzerland, and it currently has 8 employees. They offer haircuts, coloring, eyebrow plugging, and eyelash coloring. Also, their aim is to provide a time out from the guests’ everyday life. As for their products, they use Schwarzkopf, Authentic Beauty Concept, Tailor’s, Blondnme, and Fibreplex products. As for their social media presence, they highlight their before and after works.


Second, the Haarliebe saloon was researched. The saloon is located in Bavaria, Germany and is currently employing 4 people. They offer haircuts for women, man and kids, as well as services regarding eyelashes, eyebrows, make up, and wedding preparation. When it comes to their products, they use Kevin Murphy in the saloon. As for their social media presence, they mainly use before and after pictures as well, and they emphasize their hygienic safety.



Salon H Vantgade

The third and last saloon in the competitor analysis was the H-Vantgrade saloon in Salzburg. This hair saloon currently employs 11 people. Their services include haircut for women and man, coloring, make up, and facial treatments. The brands used in the saloon are Copyright Colour by Tigi Professional, Hair Collection by Philip Martin’s, The male tools by Depot, and Green Hair Care by O’Right​. As for their appointment booking, we have discovered that a separate page is used by Treatwell, where customers can see the prices and services available, so that they can book accordingly before they arrive. As for their social media presence, the saloon is mainly active on Facebook, and their Instagram is done by the owner of the store on his own Instagram.

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