Social media channel takeover from a hair salon

We are Valetina, Samira, Annamaria and Chiara, and for our social media marketing course, we looked at the social media marketing of a local hair salon. We decided to deal with Facebook and Instagram in detail. As a starting point, we already had an existing Facebook and Instagram channel of the hair salon, which we were provided with by the company. We started by thinking about a social media strategy. It was clear to us that we wanted to use Facebook for the general public. It was important for us to set up the Facebook page of the company like a website. That means we wanted to publish all the important information there and give customers an insight into the salon. We created posts about everyday life in the hair salon, news such as new products and much more. But our main focus was on the Instagram account of the company. In contrast to the Facebook profile, this was not used very often before we took over, or not for marketing purposes. We set ourselves the goal of using the Instagram account to advertise specifically to the young target group between the ages of 20 and 35. For us, Instagram is more for the younger audience and Facebook is more for the general audience, as already mentioned at the beginning. Our plan was to attractively stage several products and promote them on the Instagram page. In addition, we wanted to publish before and after photos of clients who have received styling in the salon. It was a goal to make the whole Instagram feed attractive.

Here are some impressions for you:

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