As gyms are closed in Salzburg and the weather is cold and rainy almost everyday, it is pretty hard to do sports on a regular basis. Moreover, not everyone has the money and space for a fully equipped home gym. Thank god, there is a solution. It is called yoga!!!

Maybe you do not like yoga because there are so many spiritual elements and from a visual perspective it does not look like a proper workout. Additionally, you might think that yoga is just possible in groups with an instructor which charges 50€ per hour. Good news, I can show you the opposite.

First of all, the era of Youtube provides you with thousands of free workouts, for all levels, preferences and durations. There are many good yoga instructors which have channels with a variety of workouts, for beginners or advanced yogis. Just click yourself through and find an instructor what suits for you. Furthermore, you do not need a lot of space or equipment. Even your room in your flat sharing community should be enough. The needed equipment is as well not expensive. Basically, you just need a yoga mat, what costs 10€ at Amazon. I would also suggest to get a strap and yoga blocks if you are new at the sport because it helps you to master more advanced positions quicker. To conclude, yoga can be done alone, the workouts are for free, it is not expensive and can even be done in a small room during lockdown or curfew.

Now we come to the topic of spirituality and workout. First of all, spiritual yoga exists but lots of instructors skip that part as people look for proper workouts. Even though, I can recommend to do a short briefing exercise or meditation after the workout as this improves your muscle growth and well being after the session. Now we come to the most contradictory part. One hour yoga is similar to one hour at the gym. The difference is probably the result. As you should gain big muscle at classic gym workout, yoga makes your muscle strong and slim. An additional benefit of yoga is that you burn more body fat during the workout and due to the stretches muscles get trained which cannot be reached by classic gym workouts. At last, yoga develops your body in a natural way and has a good effect on injury prevention. Just try a yoga workout and you will see soon that the muscle soreness is similar to the ones you might have experienced after the gym. To conclude, yoga does not have to be spiritual and develops your body in terms of muscle growth and health in a natural way.

Yoga really helped me during the corona pandemic. I was a gym shark before the pandemic and super lost when the gyms closed. Now, I am in yoga since one year and cancelled my gym membership because of the new developed love. If there will be more lockdowns or not, I could all of you recommend to try it and experience the different style of workout and the feeling when improvement is shown.


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