1, Try a chatbot Competition – Chatbots are considered to be really good and successful marketing strategies and different giveaways by making a quiz for instance can be given to the customers.

2, Make your hotel shine visually – By implementing a VR or a 360° view on the hotel´s website, it can boost the reputation of the hotel and as soon as the travel restriction are over, people will remember the hotel.

3, Strategically leverage your E-mai list – Use the given E-mail addresses and contacts up, and try to reach the already visited and loyal customers via E-mail.

4, Invest in PR – Investing in PR costs a lot of money, but on the other hand if it is done correctly, the return on investment is higher than the invested amount of money. Also people are more interested what others say about the hotel, than the hotel itself.

Social Media and Public Relations

5, Beware of third-party booking sites – Make sure that the first touchpoint is when the potential tourists would like to book online goes smooth and they are not directed to a third party which is not reliable at all.

6, Harness the power of data – Collect different kind of data from survey and customers in order to adapt to new changes and implement new services, amenities that meet new demand.

7, Optimize your website – Try to get the best out of the website, since it is the first touchpoint the customer goes through and as we all know if the first impression is not good, the overall customer journey is not going to work out well. Therefore a nice, well-designed and planned website is essential in order to have a competitive advantage and to reach customers.


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