#Shopping on a budget – thrift shopping for hobbies in TAO & Mode Circel

Thrift shopping is not only for used clothes, shoes & bags – and to those of you who were believing that it is, I’m about to prove you wrong. When we think of thrift shops, the usual images pop up in our heads – endless piles of worn off clothing, stinky old shoes, quirky trinkets and leather jackets from the times where our great grandparents were still young. And although these things sound extremely intriguing to someone like me, there are still many people out there who would never for the life of them set foot in a thrift shop.

Surprisingly enough (not for me), in most modern day second hand stores there are some absolutely amazing finds that we definitely shouldn’t overlook. Apart from all the brand new clothing items and accessories, there are now whole sections of household items that can be bought for super cheap prices, just what we as students are searching for. Whilst looking around thrift stores in Salzburg, one can stumble upon some absolutely to die for appliances such as water cookers, mixers, kitchen robots and many more. Not to mention the amount of amazing cutlery & super cool vintage mugs available, because we don’t want you breaking quarantine and running off to the windows of your nearest second hand shop! Being faced with the reality of absolute quarantine boredom, many of us have resorted to picking up new hobbies – anything to get our minds off the disturbing reality of not being able to go to the park, let alone eat in a restaurant. Some people are gardening, some are repainting their whole house & some, like me, have found how truly delightful baking can be. Whilst on my most recent pre-lockdown thrift shop visit to TAO & Mode Circel, I somehow managed to get my hands on an almost never used Kitchen Aid robot. Never in my life did I think I can find something so amazing in a second hand store – but luckily the universe had other plans for me during this quarantine. Now believe it or not, but this thing has become my absolute best friend during these troubling times. The amount of cakes, cookies, fresh pastry I have baked since quarantine started.. could be described as sinful. There’s just something so special about waking up and popping some homemade croissants in the oven, especially when you know that there is absolutely no rush to eat your breakfast in time before heading off to school. Plus, considering that there are no rules in quarantine, who says you can’t finish off a day of studying hard (or hardly studying) with some chocolate chip cookies and a book?

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