#StayHomeStayinAustria: Gastein walking spots

As the summer is coming closer and we all are probably in the search of nice new places where to spend our days off, the suggestions in this post might be of a big help for you. 

One of the perfect spots for summer trails with beautiful sceneries are located in Gastein valley. Just one or two hours by car/bus/train and you will find yourself in the picturesque village up high in the mountains. 

The first path worth visiting may seem obvious, however the beauty of the Bad Gastein Waterfall will definitely leave everybody breathless. Just after 20 minutes’ walk from the main station you will find a huge natural wonder just in the very heart of the city center. Take a few minutes to enjoy the roar of the water standing up on the bridge. If you are one of those adventure lovers, try the “Flying waters” ride. One quick push from an instructor and you will be flying over of Gastein valley and enjoying the scenery of the descending forests and the glorious waterfall. Go down the path later to the waterfall trail and simply enjoy the power and beauty of the nature. In the summer it will be perfect as you will stay in the shadow near the water.

My next favourite spot is Gasteiner Höhenweg. The path is easily accessible and will offer great views of the valley. You can walk along the western part of the Gamskarkogel to the Bad Gastein’s Café Gamskar. Moreover, on the trail’s edge you can also enjoy some attractions as picturesque mountain forest or beautiful mills. You can meet farm animals on your way, especially be taken aback by the cuteness of lamas and finally just lose your breath because of the absolutely gorgeous view on the valley. 

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