What is your Element? Water…

“Just let go- and fall like a waterfall”

Bob Ross

The wise quote from Bob Ross guides you to the direction of letting go your stress. The element water is one of the special elements from all of the four. Why? When you sleep at night, our brains and ears have to deal with countless of low frequency sounds that takes the brain’s energy and generate stress. According to an article from Consumer Reports: On Health (2007) states that stress and lack of energy are only two of the negative result that everyday noises can have on our bodies. On the other hand, the great news is that these negative effects for instance stress could be reducedthrough a regular exposure to the higher frequency sounds which can be found in nature. 

How do you get there? 

You have a great variety of transportation means which can be used to reach this spectacular place with the magical waterfalls. 

  1. By taking the S3 regional train from Puch Urstein to Golling-Abtenau, the ride will take you approximately 15 minutes which will be followed by a 30 minute walk from Golling Station to the Wasserfall.
  2. If you have time and would like to compare the elements such as fire, you can get there from Puch Urstein to the Golling Waterfalls by bike! It will take you less than an hour! 
  3. Last but not least, if you would like to be just comfortable and drive there by car that would be less than 20 minutes from Puch Urstein to the Golling Waterfalls. 

Golling Waterfalls are the impeccable solution in order to reduce your stress and boost your energy. If you think that you will not have time to devote for visiting the waterfalls, because you might assume you have to spend your whole day in nature. It is not true. Even spending only part of your day there, provides your body and brain with a great amount of relief from stress. What is more, waterfalls are often a favourite source for nature sounds, due to its multi-sensory stress-relieving experience that artificial sounds and audio recording are not able to transfer. Additionally, the visual traits of the surrounding area take your mind away from your stress, improve your sleep and mood and guide you to the path of the peaceful nature. Another fascinating fact, that the soothing flow of the water will not be never exactly the same from one moment to the next.  

If you are still not convinced, another interesting fact is that we are instinctively drawn to the sound of water, and we are mesmerized by its gentle flow. Abiding time adjacent to water – observing, listening, touching – help us to relax, breathe more slowly and eliminate the stress we collected in the previous days.

So set a date for yourself and reach out to this marvellous and gorgeous place! 

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