Only 40 minutes by bus, you can easily reach Mattsee, a charming lake close to Salzburg. The eponymous village Mattsee is a suitable location for a hot summer day, with sunshine and ice cream. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side on the day of our trip. Already, when leaving Salzburg, a dark rain cloud was above our heads and the umbrella was a necessity for the trip to Mattsee. We took Bus 120 from Salzburg main train station and arrived 42 minutes later in heart of the village, next to an authentic bakery, which we immediately decided to pay a visit to. A warm ham and cheese toast and a hot cup of coffee constitute a perfect start for our time in Mattsee. The bad weather did not detain us from walking around the village and enjoyed a fun time at the lake (including some play time on the nearly located playground).

Around the lake you can find many nice spots to relax

Even though, the weather was not as we expected when planning the trip, Mattsee is a great place to get-away from the city and to enjoy some time on the county side, without needing a whole day for transportation. In summer and on hot days, wind surfing, sailing and swimming are just a few activities which can be serve as entertainment in Mattsee.

Toast and coffee in Mattsee village

You want to escape the tourist groups in Salzburg city?

Go to Mattsee and enjoy a lovely local community and beautiful surroundings!