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Hey Selfie Queens and Kings,

today we want to present you one of our favourite photo spots – the Gaisberg – and what makes the place so special is obvious once you are at the top. This photo spot offers you probably the most amazing view over the whole city of Salzburg. So you absolutely shouldn’t miss this place.

Where is it?

Now you will wonder where this beautiful place is, but don’t worry you do not need to travel the whole day to get there – because the Gaisberg is directly located on the outskirt of Salzburg.

How do you get there?

That’s the best about it, if you don’t have your own car, just take the “Gaisberg Bus” from the Mirabellplatz (City centre of Salzburg) and get up to the top. And once up the mountain you can start enjoying exceptional panoramicviews over the City and surrounding landscapes.

Is the spot suitable for Couch potatoes?

Yes of course. As I mentioned before, it is easy to get there and you don’t even need to walk up to the top, so this photo spot is definitely for everyone. But nevertheless if you want to exercise a bit and discover more of the beauty of Gaisberg then take the circular route, which is about 5 kilometre long and for sure you will discover some more photo spots on the way.

What else you can do there?

After an exhausting photo shooting you probably will need some rest and refreshments, therefore I can recommend you to bring your own picnic and find yourself a cosy place to enjoy your snack. Tip: if you go there for the sunset, you won’t regret it. However, if you don’t want to bring your own snacks just stop in at one of the huts and enjoy typical Austrian dishes and snacks.

What should you bring with you?

Bring good shoes because once you are up at the top, it’s likely that you would love to explore the nature of Gaisberg.

However, it is an amazing spot where you can definitely find the perfect place for your next great social media photo. Nevertheless, we recommend you to go there when the weather is good, because then the view is way better.

So I what do you wait for, let’s discover Gaisberg



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