The story of Cool Mama sky restaurant and that cake

Hello to all cake-aholics and sweet teeth of this world!

As we made it our goal to find the best places in Salzburg where you can enjoy a delicious piece of cake and admire at the same time some breath-taking views over the city or the surroundings, we jumped in the car and headed to Cool Mama. We were convinced about the views, but the cakes still had to go through our careful “examination”.

The definition of modernity somewhere up in the sky

Cool Mama hotel is one of the newest places in Salzburg, featuring a modern glass design and high-end technology throughout the entire building. The highlight of this place is the restaurant and bar on the 15th floor, which is the modern answer to Salzburg’s scarcity in innovative bars and coffeehouses. We do not say they do not exist at all, but most of them feel like they are frozen in time, reluctant to embrace new designs, modern styles and high-end technology. So, if you’re looking for a place outside the hustle and bustle of the city centre, we provide you with an alternative – and remember, this works in summer and in winter.

Delicious cakes and perfect views

The weather was wonderful when we headed there and we were able to enjoy a clear and sunny view over the city of Salzburg and the mountains that surround it. Starting from the end of May, you will be able to sit on their rooftop terrace as well, this way getting 360 degrees views of the landscape. But Cool Mama is more than just a view, we were lucky to find and taste one of the best slices of cake in Salzburg. It was one of the homemade cakes, which you can find on the menu as “cakes according to the day offer” for the price of 4,90 Euros. Which we believe to be quite affordable for the standards of a four-star hotel and the service they are offering. You will always have the possibility to choose between several cakes that are on offer that specific day. We went for a cheesecake with raspberries the blew us completely away. The combination of the texture and the fresh taste was exquisite, which was complemented by the creative aspect of the cake. They decorated the cheesecake with macarons, and the surprise element – sweet popcorn. Oh, and if you are wondering how you can get there without a car, do not worry at all! Cool Mama is perfectly connected to the public transport system. You can get there by bus line number 1 (station: Salzburg Arena) – a 5 minutes walking distance. Also, the bus line no. 7 and 8 stop in the vicinity of the hotel at stations Hagenaustraße and Bessarabierstraße respectively. Just go and enjoy a relaxed afternoon over coffee and cake at Cool Mama!

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Cake with a view in Salzburg


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