Hey Selfie Queens and Kings,

today we will show you another outdoor spot for taking great pictures. It is the nature reserve area Bluntautal in Golling. The crystal clear rivers, the green lakes and the surrounding mountains make it paradisiac and perfect for shooting nice pictures. The Bluntautal is not only perfect in summer! The valley is stunning during every season, no matter how the weather is! It is picturesque on hot summer days as well as in winter, when it is covered in sparkling snow.

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Where is it?

The Bluntautal is situated in Golling, a small town approximately 25km south from the Campus of the FH Salzburg. The valley is surrounded by impressive mountain ranges and is known for its scenic and clear rivers and lakes. The area is spacious and there are a lot of different routes and trails one can take to explore the Bluntautal. The shortest trail takes about 45 minutes from the parking spot and leads directly to the green lake. There are various opportunities for longer walks or hikes and it definitely pays off to bring a little more time and explore all the beautiful corners of the Bluntautal.


How to get there?

You can either drive there by car, which takes about 20 minutes from the FH Salzburg. There is a parking spot for cars and from there you walk about 10 minutes until you reach the nature reserve. Or you take the train, which leaves all 30 minutes from the station FH Salzburg towards Golling-Abtenau and takes about 20 minutes. From the train station, it is an 40 minutes walk until you can start to discover the beautiful area.


Is the spot suitable for couch potatoes?

In general, yes. If you visit the Bluntautal by car, it only takes you a chilled 30 minutes walk until you can sit down on a bench at the lake and enjoy the nice surrounding. When going there by train, you should consider the 40 minutes walk from the train station to the nature reserve, which is after all not difficult or exhausting.


What else can you do there?

 If you are in Golling, you have to visit the coffeehouse Maier. Their cake are delicious and known in the whole region. They are also making homemade ice cream and various desserts, so definitely check them out after a long day at the fresh air.
At the Bluntautal itself, they offer horse-draw carriage rides! An existing and unique opportunity of exploring the area – there are various paths, in summer and in winter, and a shot of traditional “Bauernschnaps” is also included 😉


What should you bring with you?

In summer you should certainly bring your bathing suit with you, the clear water is perfect for cooling down on a hot day. Besides that, some snacks or even a picnic are great to bring along, since the area is so large and the meadows ideal for making yourself comfortable on a cosy blanket and simply enjoy the nature.


All in all, the valley is perfect for taking photos – the various natural spectacles and the incredibly beautiful surroundings are picturesque no matter what the weather is like or during which season you are planning to visit the Bluntautal! Keep your eyes open for spotting the best places and …



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