If you plan to visit Hallein for a day trip, or stay more than one day to hiking and walking around the city to get the feeling of the local city, you don’t need to worry about food at all. Hallein has a number restaurants for you to try. In Hallein, there are various types of food to offer, from Austrian food, Italian food and even Asian food. We have tried some of those places and we would like to tell you what we think about it.

       1.Stadtkrug Allein

The Stadtkrug Hallein is a restaurant that has both indoor and outdoor seats, the outdoor seats are near the fountain which gives a good vibe to sit outside on a sunny day. At the Stadtkrug Hallein, the lunch menu is 7.90 euro which on Wednesday that we went they had steak with fries and a salad for the lunch menu. Personally, we thought that the price was reasonable and the food was delicious and exceed our expectation. The steak was great and juicy and you could tell that it was freshly cooked as the steak and fries were hot when they served it. The waiters were nice and friendly and they speak  English very well.

For more information: https://www.tripadvisor.at/Restaurant_Review-g641734-d2617111-Reviews-Stadtkrug_Hallein-Hallein_Austrian_Alps.html

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       2. Viet-Work

Viet-Work restaurant is 2 minutes away from the Stadtkrug Hallein, Viet-Work is an Asian Restaurant that can offer you Vietnamese food and Thai food. This restaurant also has both indoor and outdoor seats, the decoration inside the restaurant is pretty. However, with a great help from the other customers, we got to order the food. We ordered a sweet-sour crispy duck (there is also a curry crispy duck which is in the Thai section dish) and the fried noodle with vegetable and cooked salmon. The crispy duck was great, the sweet-sour sauce was flavourful. The noodle was tasty and the salmon was well cooked but not too dry. Both dishes together were almost 20euro, which was a good price compared to the taste and the amount of food. However, It was little difficult to order as the waiters don’t speak English, they only speak German and Vietnamese and, the menu is in German only. Also, this restaurant does not accept the card payment.

For more information: https://www.yelp.com/biz/viet-wok-hallein

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   3.Pizzeria Bella Palma

Pizzeria Bella Palma is 800 meters away from the Hallein train station, along with the Salzach from the train station and the restaurant will be on the right. At Bella Palma also have both indoor and outdoor seats. The outside was quiet, pretty and even better under the sun.  The Bella Palma is an Italian restaurant, we ordered seafood pizza and salad. There are 2 sizes of the pizza, which the big one was enough for 2 people, and you tell them to have half of them on each plate for the convenient of eating. The pizza was thin, crispy and tasty. The salad was good and the dressing was nice and not too creamy. The Bella Palma has 2 menu, one is in german and the other is foreign languages, which include English. The waiter can speak English. The pizza with salad was costed around 18  euro, which around 9~10 euro for each.   

For more information: https://www.tripadvisor.at/Restaurant_Review-g641734-d3314438-Reviews-Bella_Palma-Hallein_Austrian_Alps.html’

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GelatOK is a gelato shop near the Stadtkrug Hallein. The gelato was great whether you ordered it in a cone or sit and eat the sundae. The cone was 1.2 euro per scoop. However, It is better to avoid to go to the place on Sunday, unless you are not in a hurry because they were so many people. We were waiting for the waiter to take an order and for the ice cream around 30-40 minutes. Even waiting in the line to order the cone was around 10-15 minutes. We ordered small strawberry and chocolate sundae. Both were great and worth waiting. The price of both together around 12 euro and for the chocolate, you can ask for the change of the ice cream flavour.

For more information : https://www.tripadvisor.at/Restaurant_Review-g641734-d1873244-Reviews-GelatOK-Hallein_Austrian_Alps.html

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