Hey Selfie Queens and Kings,

today we found the perfect photo spot for you guys in Hallein, the so called “Barmstein”. If you are a person who likes to be outdoorsy, yet is not really into hiking up a mountain for hours, then this might be the perfect location for you.

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Where is it?

The Barmstein is located in the outskirt of Hallein, close to the Dürnberg (around 6 km from the FH Salzburg). When talking about the Barmstein, one has to note that there are actually two Barmsteins next to one another; the so called “small” and “big” one. (Fun fact: the small one is located in Germany, while the big one is in Austria since the state boarder runs between the two). We hiked up the small one, because it offers a better track and is easier overall. However, if you are curious, check out both since one can also simply hike both, which would take around 2 hours in total. When being on the top, one has a great view over the entire county of Salzburg when looking north and to the south one can see Hallein and the “Tennengebirge” with its stunning mountains. There are multiple great photo spots on the way to the top: there is a ruin (Ruine Thürndl), a cleft, several scenery outlooks and on the top there is also the “Maibaum”.

How do you get there?

There are several options that will get you to the starting point of the track. The easiest option is to go there by car, yet one can also take the bus line 41 from the train station in Hallein in the direction to “Bad Dürnberg”. Get off at the “Knappensteig” station and walk down the road until you see the sign that indicates the start of the track (cost around €2 each way). Alternatively, one could also start the hike from the city centre of Hallein and hike up the Dürnberg, which takes around 30 additional minutes.

Is the spot suitable for couch potatoes?

Concerning the level of difficulty, this is not a chilled walk like the one we presented in our previous blog post regarding the “Gaisberg”. This hike does require some physical effort, whereby the difficulty level was rated as moderate. It is suitable for people who enjoy being active, but don’t worry, one must not, at all, be an extreme sports person. If you are somewhat sporty, you can easily manage it since you can always take as many breaks as you might need. The hike itself takes around 40 to 50 minutes, depending on one’s personal speed.

Tipp: hike up for sunset or sunrise to experience a magical atmosphere 😉

What else can you do?

While hiking up the Barmstein, you can visit the ruin of “Thürndl”, as briefly mentioned above. It is a nice photo spot and one can also obtain some information about its history through the provided signs. Not sure if you are aware of it, but once you have reached the top, you are supposed to touch the “Maibaum” since it is a tradition when going hiking to either touch it or the summit cross. So don’t forget about that. Besides, on the way down one has the possibility to take a different track, the one in the direction to “Kaltenhausen”. A reason to take this way is that it directly leads you to the local brewery in Kaltenhausen, where one can enjoy a cool beer afterwards. Definitely a refreshing way to end such a hike.

What should you bring with you?

We would recommend you to wear sports or ideally hiking shoes, since it is a rough walking path at times. Additionally, pack a good camera if you want to take some great shots since the scenery is absolutely amazing. Bring some food with you, since there is no possibility to eat anywhere (the only hut closed last year). If you decide to go for a beer in the local brewery as recommended above, do not forget to take some money with you. Would be a pity if you couldn’t get to try the local beer.

What is great about the Barmstein is that one can enjoy an amazing view after just 40 minutes of a hike. It is definitely a picturesque location, and most people wouldn’t even know that it is such a short hike when seeing the pictures since it seems as if you are in the middle of nowhere. You can take great hiking pictures with low effort, does sound quite tempting right? So put on your hiking shoes, get the camera packed and set off for a fun adventure



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