Need a break from studying? Let’s get movin’!

As a student, these weeks of the year are the most stressful ones, filled with exams and upcoming deadlines. Yet, the weather is getting nicer and those sunny days really don’t make you feel like sitting at home and studying, right?  Our experience shows – and as senior students, we have been through some hard times at the uni 😉 – that doing any kind of outdoor activity in your study breaks boosts your performance incredibly. You have to find what works best for you, but Salzburg is full of picturesque locations where you can go for a walk, do a bit of running or even exercise in the open-air. Take a break from studying, let’s go outside and explore the city & the area while doing sports!

We introduce you some of our favourite places, but it’s quite hard to pick just a few of them…

1. The riverside 

Actually, this is the simplest thing to do: put on your shoes and head to the Salzach! No matter where you live, it’s quite easily reachable and you find perfect running path on the banks. A huge plus is the amazing view in whichever direction you go.

If you live in the southern part of the city, you can run towards the city centre, enjoy the skyline and turn back at one of the many bridges. This round can be completed in just a bit more than half an hour, depending on your starting point and pace of course. However, if you don’t feel like stopping when you reached the southern part of the city again, continue and enter the park of the Hellbrunn Castle for some extra miles in stunning surroundings. 

If you prefer to head more to the northern part, Salzachsee is a nice option to visit during your run, also perfect for a little break if you need one.

2. Leopoldskron Palace & Lake

It’s one of our BIG favourites indeed, like seriously, who doesn’t love Leopoldskron? The well-know palace from The Sound of Music, together with the lake, is just one of those places we can’t get enough of. It’s simply the definition of “nature in the city”, as the palace is surrounded by huge green meadows and parks. If you take the path around the lake, you can admire the graceful swans and the super cute ducks (and some less friendly ones who might try to bite you), while enjoying the view of the fortress and the Gaisberg in the background. Located in the “Aigen” district, it doesn’t matter which direction you go, one thing is sure: you are in the most beautiful area of the city. It’s not only full of parks, but also some super fancy houses and mansions worth seeing.    

3. Maria Plan

Although it’s not located in Salzburg literally, but a bit north from the city, Maria Plan is easily accessible and perfect for a walk or an uphill run – it depends on how advanced you are. The unique atmosphere of this quiet place is already something special, but it’s topped by a breathtaking panorama over the city and the mountains. 

4. Puch/Urstein

We can’t skip this place from our list and for good reason. While it’s not part of the city of Salzburg, it takes nothing to reach it and we can promise you won’t regret it. All you have to do is to follow the path alongside the Salzach to the southern direction. For those living in the southern parts of the city and fit enough for a bigger round of approx. 10 kms, go ahead! However, you can also take the S-Bahn (S3) from the city to Puch Urstein in max. 15 minutes and from the train stop it takes less than 5 minutes to reach the banks of Salzach. Although it needs a bit of a longer study break if you live in the city, it’s so worth it! Why? Because nothing compares to running in the shadows of the massive Untersberg, being surrounded by peaceful woods, while looking at the snow-covered peaks on the horizon. The path alongside the river is perfect for a run or a walk, but you can easily reach the village of Puch as well…Just to feel the vibes of an alpine village if you had too much of the urban life. On your way back to the city, following the path along the river, make sure you stop by the Waldbad Anif – a lake with crystal clear water, encircled by pinewoods. It looks even more stunning that it sounds. 

If you are a student at the FH Salzburg, you are luckier than you might think! Be wise and spend your time between the lectures outside, just a short walk away from the classrooms. It will enhance your concentration on the next classes – we guarantee! 

If you feel like walking or running is not your cup of tea and you need something more exciting, then we have some tips for you as well 😉

Outdoor Workout

Who wants to pay for a gym membership when you can work out in the nature? Spice up the “boring” walks – all you need is a bench and some creativity. At any of the places we mentioned above, you can easily perform some simple moves to burn extra calories, just head to the first bench you find! If you are a beginner, check out our video for some inspiration how to get started. While these exercises are not meant to prepare you for the next Arnold’s Classic, they will definitely help you get rid of the excess energy – or refuel you, dependent on your mood! 

Being on a student budget is not an excuse anymore for not being active, as a bodyweight workout in the nature doesn’t cost you anything. Moreover, you won’t be surrounded by some strange wannabe bodybuilders and Instagram selfie kings/queens like in a normal gym! Watch out – once you get started, outdoor workout becomes seriously addictive. We told you! 😉

If you haven’t realised so far, now you can really see in what an exceptional city you live and study. Don’t take the natural beauties in and around Salzburg for granted, make sure you enjoy them to the fullest during your time here. We wish you a lot of fun!

Written by the team of Natural Beauties