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Trying to find the best cakes in town, we headed to M32, our last stop for “coffee & cake with a view”. The café, also being a restaurant and popular event location, is located on top of Mönchsberg, in the same building of the Museum of Modern Art.



Modernity meets Tradition

The modern-artsy flair can be felt throughout the entire location, as it comprises a mixture of modern design and traditional elements, such as deer antlers dangling down from the ceiling and vintage leather chairs and couches. Also, M32 offers a bar with a great variety of liquors, highlighted with retro neon signs. However, the best part of M32 is probably the incredible view over the old town of Salzburg, which is definitely one of the nicest views in town.



Cake & Co

We headed there on a sunny afternoon, being pretty lucky with the weather, however, as there was some wind, we decided to sit inside. After some minutes of checking the menu, which shows about eight different types of cakes, we ordered two cakes and a typical “Verlängerter”, probably the most popular version of coffee among Austrians. We took the rhubarb cake, which came without any extras around, and one pavlova with berries, which was nicely decorated with some rasp- and blueberries. Though the rhubarb cake was not presented very creatively, it was very soft and tasted extremely fresh. The pavlova with berries tasted also very deliciously, however, might not be ideal for everyone’s teeth as it was not entirely soft. All in all we had an awesome experience, enjoying delicious cakes with the best view, and very friendly staff serving us 😊


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