5 reasons why you should visit Hallein

When you are planning a trip to the city of Salzburg, if you find the accommodation and restaurants too expensive, the street overwhelmingly crowded, or the activities not varied enough, #48 hours in Hallein# is exactly a project created for you.


Hallein, an amazing town located in the south of the City of Salzburg, is a good choice for people who are seeking for a unique and varied experience with a relatively tight budget. I fell in love with Hallein when I visited there for the first time, and now, I go there almost every weekend. So, please check out this list of 5 reasons why you should visit Hallein and hope you will love it as much as me.

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#1 Fabulous location

Hallein can be reached by suburban S-Bahn railway from the city of Salzburg in 25 minutes. Moreover, if you are looking for a cheaper accommodation, a student dormitory called ​​URSTEIN SÜD in puch bei hallein is a good choice. This dormitory will be used as a hotel during the summer time (July – September), which is the best time to visit Hallein. From the dormitory to Hallein, it takes 10 minutes by train or around 1 hour by walk. We really recommend you to walk to Hallein. The whole walking route is along the river and the view is so beautiful.


#2 Rich history

Hallein has become known for its salt production and the archaeological finds dating back to the Celtic period. It is estimated that people started to settle in this area can be traced back to 4000 years before. And the town was first mentioned in a document in 1198.  You can follow the trails of the Celts who were mining salt in this area already in 400 B.C. in “the salt mine hallein”. Also, the Celtic Museum is also a nice choice for history lover, which is one of the largest museums of Celtic Art and Culture in Europe.


#3 Colorful culture

Hallein is a city with open-minded cultural scenes. You may find yourself on the journey to the medieval time by just walking around the town, where is full of impressive town houses, spacious squares and charming alleyways. However, if you look around, you will find many cafés and individual trendy shops beyond the main street. In hallein’s city center, you will get a feeling of how a traditional and historic city is contrasted with modern lifestyle.

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#4 Delicious food

In Hallein, you can always find a nice restaurant to enjoy your meal. A variety of cuisines, such as pizza, Asian food, traditional Austrian cuisine and Greek seafood, can be found in Hallein. Also, don’t forget these great pavement cafés and Italian ice cream shops when you want to take a rest. What’s more, most restaurant here are not pricey and open on Sunday.


#5 Breathtaking nature

Hallein located at the foot of the so called “Barmsteine”, which is in the northernmost part of the Hasel Mountains in the Bavarian Alps and besides the Salzach river. This great location offers perfect conditions to nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.  During the hike, with rolling hills, the peaceful river, and the alpine flower blooming, I am sure you will be fascinated by the breathtaking nature in Hallein.

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If you are interested in Hallein now, please follow us blog. We will introduce you the food, hike and attractions in more details! If you are not, please trust us one more time, we will let you fall in love with this place in our following posts.