LA RESISTANCE – more than just a snowboard shop …

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La Resistance the shop

First things first, La Resistance is a skate and snowboard shop in Zell am See. Next to selling boards, board equipment, and cool clothes, they also sell a lot of outdoor equipment used for hiking, fishing, hunting, and the corresponding fashion and accessories.

It was founded by my uncle Peter Brandl who had to do a project for school that eventually turned into reality in 2003. Since then, he is selling boards and everything additionally one would need to go skating or snowboarding, plus clothes of brands like Volcom, Element, DC, Etnies, Vans, Quicksilver, and more. He was/is a skater and snowboarder himself and it was always a must for him to offer adequate service and knowledge for those activities and its appliances. For that reason, his employees must complete not only an apprenticeship but also further trainings and continuing education for specific brands. Personally, I would say they offer one of the best customer services as well as advice and services for their products.

As my uncle grew older and found other hobbies like hunting and fishing, he included further gear and equipment in the assortment. Meanwhile, he is also a dad of three and it is a pleasure for him to also offer kids clothes and equipment. 

Another thing that is quite new in the shop is the cellar: hunting gear, equipment and clothing was moved downstairs to be in a separate area. Additionally, there is a “Jägerstüberl”, a very old corner bench painted by an ancestor of my family and decorated with trophies of the hunt and very old pictures, functioning as a chill out lounge to have a beer for two with my uncle or his employees.

La Resistance the supporter

As the shop is more a little fish compared to the big shops like blue tomato is one, he was always enthusiastic about supporting local businesses and scenes. Some of them are for example “RespekTIERE deine Grenzen” – an association trying to enlighten and educate people about their behaviour in nature; Fun parks and Halfpipes on the glacier Kitzsteinhorn; the “Botchbowl” – a project of young adults building a bowl, rails, and pipes for skaters in the area of Pinzgau; the “Pinzgauer Jägerball” – an event where all the revenues go to charity; and more…

La Resistance and Sustainability

Quality and good manufacturing are also on the list. My uncle supports a lot of sustainable brands, especially for outdoor and hunting equipment. Brands like Makia, where < 58.000 € are spent on the protection of nature, and Fjäll Räven, committed to making nature more accessible and focusing on simplicity and practicality are to be found in his store. Moreover, brands like A Beautiful Story, with pure intentions and where equality, independence, and co-creation are a priority are supported and can be bought within the shop.

Written by Victoria Egger

press the following link if you want to take a little tour with us through the shop…

If you got curious now, come visit us in Zell am See and support your locals!! cheers 🙂

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