Indian Food to brighten the mood!

For our second stop, the gang decided that they needed to know the way and headed to Way to India. Situated within walking distance of the Salzburg main train station the restaurant offers quality authentic Indian food to satisfy the hunger of any food fundi.
Adress: Rainerstraße 24/12

chicken tikka masala, lamb biryani, butter naan, potato and pea samosas
Butter naan with chicken masala with yogurt and lamb biryani

Upon arrival, we were quite surprised at how a restaurant could be tucked away on such a busy street and many of us had passed by without realizing in the past. Kyle was the only one to opt for a starter and received a stunning set of potato and pea samosas accompanied with delicious chickpeas and a mint chutney to die for. Catalina and Kyle went for the chicken tikka masala for their mains while Simon went for the lamb biryani. The chicken tikka masala really couldn’t have been any better as the level of spice was wonderfully balanced and the variety of different flavors came together just as all great Indian food should.

The dishes were presented in a sharing style making it easy for everyone to try each other’s dishes. Simon’s lamb biryani was a massive portion and was served with a yogurt sauce and he ordered butter naan on the side and was extremely impressed with both the presentation and the taste. Overall it was a great experience with friendly owners and staff that can speak both English and German. The restaurant was busy but not too busy and had a calming atmosphere. We highly recommend a visit as soon as you can!