Hellbrunn Christmas Market: Atmosphere & Entertainment

Once again during this Christmas time, the traditional markets in Salzburg opened to display their outstanding handcrafts and ornaments, along with delicious Austrian dishes, proper for the occasion. Every year there are several of these markets located at highly popular and frequented spots that welcome “Salzburgers”, people from the surroundings and international visitors who immediately fall in love with the colorful decorations combined with the always majestic architecture of the city of Salzburg. Two of the most visited Christmas markets in the city are the one situated in the Old Town, right next to the “Dom” and the one located in the Hellbrunn Castle (Hellbrunn Schloss).


The latter amazed its visitors with the mixture of Christmas paraphernalia and the beauty of its structure that created an almost fairy tale – like atmosphere. Hellbrunn Castle during Christmas is almost magical experience. Imposing trees decorated with Christmas balls of various sizes and illuminated with color lights, sculptures, gardens fountains and a starry sky, favored romantic nights. Families and couples were common to see at every turn as well as friends enjoying a hot cup of Glühwein, accompanied by a delicious “Kaiserschmarrn”.


Although music could be barely heard due to the sound of people chattering and laughing, it added a special touch to the Christmas ambience. All the booths aligned in such a way that they create little streets within the castle, were full of people offering their local products. They were always smiling and attentive to all individuals passing by. Although they seemed shy to speak to international people because they felt insecure about their command of English, they were always willing to give it a try, and make everyone feel welcome. Although snow took some time to arrive in the city, and in early December it was nowhere to be seen, it did not hindered people from delighting in the Christmas time.

Author: Carlos Perez