Hellbrunn Christkindlmarkt: My Impression

Hellbrunn’s Christkindlmarkt can compete with the Salzburger Christkindlmarkt in terms of size, range of activities and attractiveness. Located in the Hellbrunn Castle, it possesses a very impressive design and has a great traditional image with a small touch of modernity. In addition to the main structure located in the center, there are other areas where visitors can stroll around and admire the rest of the castle, decorated with Christmas ornaments, colorful lights and the ever present sculptures that belong to the castle. It creates a fairy tale atmosphere adequate for people of all ages. Not only the decorations, food and drinks are what make the Christmas market so special, but also the unforgettable live performances of local artists and bands. While walking around among the stands you might spot some unique pieces of art made by local manufacturers. The variety in color and shapes creates a lasting impression in people`s minds. I also find there the well-known Glühwein stands along with a great offer of Brezel, Kaiserschmarrn and Käsekräner for those who are fond of the Austrian cuisine.

The market is easily accessible by bus although it is located 20 minutes from the center of Salzburg City. Strolling through the market is very easy and simple, there are sign postages that allowed me to find different stands and see the different offers that were of interest to me.

All in all the experience of visiting both Christmas markets was an enjoyable one and it is something that I will always remember.

Author: Andris Sebestyen