Foto in front of Fortress Hohensalzburg

Spring is by far the most stunning season one can experience Salzburg in. After long and grey winters, Salzburg’s flora awakens with beautiful blossoms which paint the city with fresh colors and impart spring’s vitalizing vibes. Check out today’s blog post to find top locations to enjoy the city of Salzburg in this season.

Magnolia Blossoms at Makartplatz

A popular scenery of spring in Salzburg are the huge Magnolia trees at Makartplatz, right next to the Mirabell Gardens. Thousands of Magnolia blossoms charm the square, transform the place into a magical, natural spectacle and brightens up your mood immediately. Easily accessible with all kinds of transportation, you should definitely visit this place in spring and take some beautiful pictures. But be aware, the blossoms only last for a couple of days, so better hurry up and don’t miss them!

The earth laughs in flowers.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

St. Peter’s Cemetery

For all of you culturally interested folks, you should visit St. Peter’s Cemetery which is hidden behind houses and rock walls in the middle of the old town of Salzburg. We highly recommend you to check out the catacombs to enjoy this breath-taking view of the city.


On top the Kapuzinerberg you can enjoy the views over Salzburg and its many roof tops and imagine yourself living in one of the apartments. On your way down, capture Salzburg from different views. One of my favorites is this little passage with its almost Mediterranean vibes.

Mirabell Gardens

A classic and absolutely must-see in spring is one of Salzburg’s famous sights, the Mirabell Gardens. Stroll along the beautifully laid out gardens with all the spring flowers. Whether you are a person that appreciates nature or an Instagram-person, you will not be disappointed by its spectacle.

The team of Everyday Salzburg has captured all the spring places in the video below. So make sure you check it out and get inspired by all the beautiful places you can visit in Salzburg in spring.