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Do you know these days when everything goes wrong? Sometimes you just have one of those days, where things happen to you over and over again, as if someone up above is testing you. Murphy’s law come into full action.

You start off with the wrong foot. You oversleep, you can not find a pair of matching socks, your breakfast milk is spoiled, your car gets a flat tire, your thesis deadline comes closer but you can’t write a single word or you spill your drink over the work you had to hand in?

Maybe you did see it coming but didn’t want to believe it. Did this warning from the unanswered chain letter from three years ago proofed to be right? Shouldn’t you have crossed under this ladder last week? Was it the black cat that crossed your path yesterday? Now it’s too late. Whatever it was that trapped you with this bad luck, you have to deal with it now.

However it happened, you can keep it together, when everything seems to be going wrong and the whole world is against you. It might not be pleasant or easy when things go wrong, but there are better ways to make it through.

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