A terrifying impression left behind…


A demon, a devil, whatever you would call it, it is a creature straight from hell. This beast that is the so called Krampus, terrifies people down to the bone. The enlightened eyes, the dirty fur, the rock-hard horns and the frightening heads, that is exactly how this creature looks like. It is like a goat once met a devil, they got intimate, and this Krampus was born…

As the shadow and the bad counterpart of Saint Nicolas, he visits people in the weeks leading up to the 5th of December. Without a sign of mercy, he punishes everyone that hasn’t been behaving for the past time. So… this would mean I was a potential target for this demon, what got me shivers down my spine when I thought of what could happen…

Being brave, and not willing to admit that I could be a potential target, I dared this demon and stared him straight in the eyes. His look was petrifying… I felt his demon presence deep down my body, and I could not withstand this horror of a feeling. This feeling was so intense that my reflexes kicked in and took over. The only natural reflex that one can have when facing a demon is get away as fast as possible. And that is what I did.

Being fortunate enough to be able to tell the tale, I decided to address the sheer danger that this creature possesses. To show what horror this creature brings down to earth, I made a compilation of what his visit to earth looks like, and how people are punished for their sins. Dare to face horror in the eyes and watch this video…

Check out our scary video on YouTube (+18) “Austrian Culture: Krampus




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