It was THE special time of the year for horse and dog lovers!

From December 3 until December 6, 2015 the city of Salzburg hosted the 10-year anniversary of the annual Mevisto Amadeus Horse indoors show. The fascinating colorful event showed the elegance and talent of many 4-legged professional athletes with beautiful manes and their beloved humans, who were able to show their skills during various tournaments and competitions. Elaborate costumes and stage sets, a rich entertainment programm, catchy music and perfect organisation made this festival a highligh at the end of the year 2015. In addition to the gracefull performance of the horses, a range of professional agility dogs showed their speed, determination and absolute obedience to their trainers and made a great performance which impressed the entire audience. A great applause must also be provided for the organizors and event planners of Mevisto Amadeus, as they ensured a smooth course of action, despite the numerous amount of visitors, animals and the quick changing sets and stages.

This 4-day festival again offered a fascinating program in Salzburg’s exhibition center and the Salzburg Arena with horses, dogs, shows, tournament, fun & entertainment and spread a magical feeling and atmosphere just before the Christmas holidays. The crowd was again amazed with the crème de la crème of show jumping, dressage, vaulting, La Cuerra, polo and many other prestigious tournaments. Those who wanted to enjoy other 4-legged fluff balls than horses were excited by impressive dog performances. In addition to the rich program, horse sale shows and an international horse trade fair offered a glamourous shopping experience. Even the littles ones could enjoy a phenomenal time in the large children area!