Makia is a Swedish fashion brand – the headquarter is located in Helsinki, Sweden.

The products of MAKIA are especially designed to withstand rough weather,
therefore, the founders have chosen the following quote to be their guideline:

… through the rough seas

The guideline refers to the founders’ experience of standing long enough in cold rain, favoring simple and functional design that focuses on materials respecting the harsh Northern climate.

Furthermore, MAKIA follows the idea of bringing easily approachable quality clothes to its customers, at fair prices.
This is also why the founders have developed their so-called No-Sales Policy, which includes the end of the ‘SALE’ era, means no more selling of MAKIA pieces for a discounted price.

This will not only help keep our pricing at a level, where we can keep producing our clothes ethically and ecologically, but will also reinforce our philosophy of producing quality clothes, to last over seasonal trends, for years to come.
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Moreover, MAKIA is very concerned about our environment.
This is why the management has decided to care more about nature during their production processes.

Therefore, MAKIA has cut down on chemicals, namely

  • no use of heavy metals, azo dyes, phthalates, or PVC
  • in JACKETS: only use ecological coatings
  • shoe linings, inner socks and leather accessories made from:
    • vegetable-tanned & chromium-free leather

Furthermore, MAKIA is a strong supporter of the conservation of global waters
This is another reason why they have set a strong focus on supporting and saving the archipelago and lake regions of Finland by already spending over 58,000 € (without VAT).

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