Würfel Zucker- when tradition meets novality


Now it is time to tell you about one more picturesque place in our favorite Salzburg. We headed to Würfel Zucker which was really easy to find since it is located right on Hanuschplatz, and the weather helped us a lot so that we could enjoy sunny springy surrounding sitting on the terrace.

Sweet Location

The Würfel Zucker( Sugar Cubes) is a café-bakery specialized on Strudels, classical Austrian dessert. Located right in the lively Salzburg old town, it lets you enjoy the scenery of the city at its best. On the days with nice weather pretty terrace is open for the guests and renders the view right at the Salzach River. Nothing blocks the sight so that you can enjoy the surroundings. However, this place is not for the lovers of silence, energetic and ongoing city traffic brings some noise to the cafe.

The cakes with the view

While checking the menu it is impossible to ignore the specialty of the place- its Strudels. We decided to try something unusual and ordered a strawberry Strudel. Besides the Strudels, Würfel Zucker offers a small but interesting variety of cakes. Our eyes stopped on the Citrusy Nut Cake. For both options, we have paid €3.80 per each. It took a while when cakes arrived but they looked very appealing. Strawberry Strudel was absolutely the best decision and all of us put 10 out of 10 for its taste. Even though it was not an “instagramic” perfection, the portion was really big and the taste was amazing. Concerning the Citrusy dessert, well, it was good but faded against the previously mentioned Strudel. Together with the desserts, we ordered a coffee which was a really good quality. In conclusion- RECOMMEND! 😊

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